Key Fob - Attaching to your Key Chain

The Model S key fob is certainly unique looking, but I'm not sure what plans Tesla had for attaching it to one's key ring. I could not find any small key ring that would fit through the very small opening in the fob, so I came up with the following idea. Using a small piece of 20 G stranded, electrical wire (similar to telephone wire), I bent and tied a 1/4" loop through the slot in the fob. I then put a very small spot of electrical solder at the twist of the wire loop and snipped off the excess wire. A common 1/2" split key ring easy fits through my 1/4" soldered loop, and your regular key ring or chain will easily fit through the 1/2" loop. It all fits together very securely and looks good. One caution: the key fob is plastic, so be very careful not to overheat the soldering of the wire, or that will melt the plastic. The soldering should take about 2 seconds. If you are not handy with a soldering iron, a jeweler will gladly do the job using similar stranded silver wire.

Oh, and they are the same exact ones, just with a Tesla logo on them. So its not that big of a deal to me :)

..actually he tweaked the design including the hole placement to make it more suitable to hold the fob rather than a USB drive. YMMV.

Ah, didn't know that. Ill see how these hold up when I get my Model S, and if they don't suffice, then I may buy the Tesla logo ones.

@cloroxbb, I also bought 2 on Amazon. The custom ones that Pete has are a better fit. The Key fob remains more snug. In the plain ones, at times it feels as if the Fob may slip out. No such concern with the new ones.

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