Lighted T Project with a Twist

I bought the lighted T several weeks ago and finally got around to installing it. Looks great! I wrote up the entire project at:

By design, mine stays on all the time at a low brightness (shown above), and automatically goes to high brightness when the headlines turn on. The power required for low brightness is an insignificant 5 mA. If the 12 V battery was not used for anything else, and not charged from the main battery, it would power the lighted T for over half a year (ignoring internal battery losses).

There are other ways to control when the lighted T is on, which I explain in the instructions. In all, a nice addition to my MS!

Oh, now that is really cool!
+1 Tap!

I'm not a big fan of mods but this looks nice! Great job.

Lighted T, pretty cool but will replace lighted farts!

Are there any Professionals who install this if this is something I would not do?

Very nice. I did the same thing with the BMW roundels on either side of my motorcycle's gas tank. They are wired to glow white all the time, and flash yellow with the turn signals.

I seems to me that you'd want the T to glow brightest in the daytime, and dim for nighttime use, based on relative visibility given ambient lighting conditions. I would do this mod, but can't see adding any unneeded electrical draw to a battery-powered vehicle, no matter how small.


How can I get a kit, how much is it, and who would I hire to install it?

The link to the kit is within the instructions link. I think it was $185.

Some have fire in their belly. Yours seems lower, and more posterior.

I lost interest when I got to the "drill holes" bit.

One question I have is that if you hook it to the DRLs does it stay on when the headlights come on?

@Sterlingllc1: Where to buy and costs (about $185 for the Lighted T parts) are all in the linked page. Not sure where you could get someone to do the install for you. It is really just a DIY type project.

@Pungoteague_Dave: As for brightness, when it's dim, it is not all that noticeable during the day, but the dim mode enhancement was created specifically to not have any significant battery drain. Even full brightness is fairly low power (about 200 ma). In full brightness mode at night it shines almost as bright as the DSL. If it was dim at night, it wouldn't be that noticeable when the other lights are on. Hard to describe until you see it. It actually works quite well.

@Trekkie Not: I try to make any modifications so they can be undone with minimal effect, but this one does require two small holes in the nose cone. If you were to remove the lighted T, and put back the chrome emblem, it would cover the holes. At worse you can replace the nose cone quite easily (although about $450).

@Nuts4MS: If you connect it to the DSL, it does stay on when the headlights are on too.

Ditto on the drill holes, just give me a flash light.

Very cool... it's available to buy over on TMC:

@2050project - It might not be clear, but I'm not selling the Lighted T, you have to get it from TMC. I have the link in the project, but thanks for also including it above.

After having it installed for a few weeks, I also like that it acts like a night-light in my garage so I can see in front of the car when it's dark. It's also even easier to find at night in a parking lot!

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