Model S 2.0

There have been may (small) suggestions and recommendations to change/adjust Model S: Visors, USB ports, Headrest,Choice of colours,etc.
Do we think that there will be an 'official/upgraded' Model S in 2013?

Yes, I think so.

I hope that version will be the one come to Europe/UK.

" come to......

I wished that the new owners(not Founders) would start writing about their day to day experience with the car by now.....

I don't believe anyone else has them, yet.

You'd think Steve Jurvetson could throw us a bone.....

Maybe not exactly what you're looking for but there's this video created by an owner...

I suspect many of the founders have agreements with the company that discourage them from speaking freely with the community. For that matter, they have something like a limited time NDA as part of their founders sales agreement.

And seconds later, up pops the video. I stand corrected... ; )

jbunn: He may be a Founder?

Definitely. The dude shown on the runway with Elon accepting the Red Sig.

Schlermie: that was a fun video. I like how the acceleration constantly throws the camera-person into the rear seat.

It's a new sport for model S owners, called "Flip the cameraman!"

Even managed it at the end in a passing maneuver!

Un-fore-warned is fore-dis-armed. ;-0

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