Model S colors

My wife and I have placed a deposit for a Model S but we are undecided on color. We would love to see pictures of the Model S in blue, green, and brown.

You should get to the nearest showroom and check them out in person. We have the blue and love it but others think it is too dark. In the sun it really shows off the color but in the shade it can look black. I don't think photos are going to answer your question.

There's a beautiful shot of the brown (my fav) in the Random Sightings thread. Use volkerize to find it.

Here you go:

Black is my favorite with tan interior. When it is clean it is stunning. I like red but did not want to be a speed target.

You really have to see the green in person. It has a color changing effect based on lighting conditions, nearly black in low light, grey / dark blue at dusk and green in full light. It is hard to capture with a normal camera.

The blue has a similar effect but I've only mistaken it for black.

In both cases I think it is because it is so dark, it can play tricks on your eyes. It isn't really chemically changing colors.

Brown is always brown. Doesn't seem to have that effect that I've seen.

In terms of popularity in the Bay Area white & MC red dominate. Brown & green are really hard to find. Blue is more popular.

Laser guns that cops use to track your speed cannot tell the color of your car. The red thing is a mith.

Brown does change depending on the light.

Pictures don't do it justice.

Apologies, having trouble posting picture.

I wish there was a way to preview posts.

I agree with SBerg - get to a showroom. The black and white are a expected, but you cannot really appreciate the green, brown, blue and even the MC Red unless you see them in person. One other tip, ask to take the color panels outside the Tesla store. The mood lighting inside the stores is cool and all, but all the colors I mentioned look wildly different in bright daylight (all in a good way)


PS Just an idle thought, but Tesla, if you are listening, perhaps you can find a way to mail paint chips to folks than don't live near a showroom, maybe charge a $1 or do it for free if they have made their reservation and put their money down

I'm still on the fence. I ordered Pearl but still keep thinking about changing it to MC red. Have to decide soon as delivery is in December. (wringing hands).

Myth, even.

@Robert Hogsen, I sure hope you can post your pic or at least a link. I'm seriously considering brown. Thx!


Use imageshack or tinypics etc. to store the image(s) on the web. Rt-click the full pic, select Copy Image Location. Insert in this HTML:

<img src="URL" width="600">

The Tesla folks call it arrest-me red.. just say'n... : ))

The brown comes with a year supply of Charmin!

If you live near a service center, there is usually a pretty good selection of body colors and interiors awaiting delivery.


I faced the exact same decision and went with the MC Red and I'm really glad I did.

The "arrest me Red" is a myth. Google it.

There are also photos on this site (go to top of this, and click on Photos & Videos, one set of photos are just on colors)

I was all for the Blue or Green till I saw them in person. Blue was pretty dark and I worried about upkeep. Green didn't look right in sunlight to me. I never considered the brown till I saw it in person, really beautiful, as is the grey. Never considered silver. Black to hard to keep up. Ended up between white and red. Went with red. Still not absolutely sure but will know in 7 days, one hour.

Here's a link to some pics of our Brown MS

Laser guns that cops use to track your speed cannot tell the color of your car. The red thing is a myth.

Um, the idea is that cops prioritize red cars when deciding which ones to speed-check. And it is in fact true...according to my cop friends, anyway.

I get a lot more attention, police and otherwise, when driving my routine red loaner P than when driving my own pearl white S.

Radar guns cannot see raised white letter side walls either, but statistically as many speeding tickets are issued to cars with raised white letter sidewalls than all other cars combine. Perhaps the speed of the car is less important than what the cop looks for---just sayin'.

BROWN! I'm partial, I admit. When we visited the service center and spoke with the person in charge of making sure the cars were "perfect" when the owners showed up. His opinion was that the Blue showed every little spot, imperfection, blemish, bug, etc...he dreaded making the blue cars look perfect. Next hardest was black. The other colors were about the same.

I love that brown Model S. Nice pics! I plan to order brown with tan interior for 2014 delivery. (But still not sure between S85 or P85.)

@ dramsey

Um your cop friend is an idiot. It is a myth.

Not a huge fan of brown but this car which is listed on Autotrader is pretty hot.

To the OP, a couple people mentioned to go to the Design Center. And you might see a couple colors. I suggest going to the Service Center instead. At any given time the busy service centers may have a dozen or more cars between the ones in the shop and the loaners going out. Hang out enough and you'll see many of the colors.

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