My New P85 is due in 2 weeks and I just saw a neighbor with a brand new "same car"!! ;-(

Pulling out of my driveway this morning, I witness a neighbor (5-8 houses down?), drive by with the exact same P85 as I ordered - same color and same wheels. Now I'm scrambling on the design sight to see what "other" color would be my second choice to see if I can change it last minute before they go to production. Does anyone know how late you can make that change...? And, please feel free to let me know how rational or irrational I am feeling and acting. I mean Jesus; I've never felt so much like an emotional bowl of Jello as I dis this morning.

Ahhhhh 2 weeks out? You could try and put a call into your sales advisor. Cars are made in batches based on configuration (Pano vs solid roof). Then put into production based on color. So as long as your car is still showing "....sourcing parts", there may be a chance.

.... twins --- the more the merrier.

Put some new rims on it.

There is only so many combinations out there so you will run into many duplications out there. There are lots of after market options to personalize your ride so keep your first choice. No fun trying to live with a second choice configuration. Or you could always move!

One word: aftermarket.

You should call Tesla to find out. I myself made two VHS ges after confirming and they should be se to do that. However make dure that you like new configuration .

I'm going to need a Google translate on that one, Amit.

You could get it wrapped also.

A few weeks before my Signature Red P85 arrived I saw another one arrive in the neighborhood. This was October 2012! In a month I saw 4 more!

I thought that I was going to have an unusual car.

Instead, I found out that I lived in a cool neighborhood with others that thought outside of the box. I'm good with that.

There are 8 in my neighborhood. Get over it and get the car you want!

Wraps are good.

Brian +1

I'm all for it anytime I see a white MS with spoiler, pano and dark 21s like mine :P I do love the MC red though anytime I see it, I almost went with that.

Sorry Thomas and others. It is auto correct by iphone editor which blew away my post
VHS ges === changes
Se == able
Dure === sure

@mclary And the point of your post is perfectly clear and reasonable. Thanks for sharing.

Did you buy the car to be unique or did you buy the car to have one of the best cars you can buy?

Put lightning bolts decals on the doors (a la Lightning McQueen) to make it look even faster...

Maybe your neighbor was just doing a test drive?
Ah... wishful thinking?

Anyway, it would bother me too if my neighbor had the exact same car. There's some pride in being unique, even if it's only in a small geographical area. Call Tesla and find out if you can change the color, maybe explaining the situation to them.

But perhaps first make sure that your neighbor actually owns the car ;-)

I'd love to have my neighbour by an MS, would be something to have in common at last...

No, No, Keep the same color and make you neighbor crazy.

A source for spare parts!!

Who would be the first to put cinder blocks under the neighbor's MS and take their 21" wheels/tires?

Keep the configuration. It's the one you wanted. If you change it, that's letting someone else change your decisions.

My recommendation is to follow your neighbor everywhere once you take delivery. Park next to him. Get a job at his office. Park in the street in front of his house and walk home.

+1 Brian.

Wrapt it up!

Hot orange? Lime green? How about camouflage? You can even print your photos nowadays.

Don't tell your neighbor, that's all!

In six months nobody will remember who got theirs first.

In my town there is a pretty famous MMA fighter with a P85 exactly like mine. I'm happy about it because I figure people won't mess with me. ;)

We used to think we were special with the only Tesla in the 'hood, but then spotted a neighbor with a shiny new black one. But hey, the more the merrier, right?

More sales = more superchargers!

Know the story on that? Sergei Brin's co-workers did it for/to him on Apr 1 last year (or 2012?) while he was at work -- a fast, professional job. Don't know how long he left the wrap on, tho'!

@Thomas N, well, that's a spot of luck! :-)

Shouldn't you change your screen name to Thomas MMA?

Thanks for talking me back from the ledge. I'm sticking with my setup... had to call Tesla today to get the very difficult payment, tax, title, license, delivery details taken care of. So very complicated here in Texas when strong economic pressures are trying to keep this manner of sale from being easy... anyway, I expressed my issue to my delivery specialist.

He also talked me away from the ledge, stating that no one has taken delivery of a Tesla on my street or zip code. He asked if it might have been someone visiting someone in the neighborhood... made me pause and calm down and realize I'm so happy and shouldn't jump to conclusions... and it's not worth a second thought on such a 1st world issue as someone in the are having the same $125,000 car. WTF!

Well, ok. I was about to suggest a visit to the 'neighbor' (before your delivery) and show him/her samples of various wraps. You can fawn over how great they are. Maybe he/she will take the bait.

Then yours will be unique as you ordered it.

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