Navigation Issues

I spent a lot of time at the Tesla dealership trying to decide on interior colors. While doing so I noticed the following problems with the navigation system.

1. When specifying a location for a long drive, the system only gives turn by turn directions and does not show the route on the map. I was in the Menlo Park show room and this occurred trying to navigate to either LA, Reno or New York. I actually value the map route much more than the turn by turn details.

2. The system does not offer alternative routes like my Toyota Highlander. For example if I would like to drive to Death Valley or Las Vegas, I could go through Tehachapi or through LA. Or if trying to cross the San Francisco Bay, the best route really depends upon traffic conditions. I would like to be able to configure a through point or at a minimum be given a series of route options.

3. I could not find a single configuration button. I prefer to be able to configure items such as the voice of the person giving directions and the MPH estimate for driving distance estimate. I could not determine whether the time estimate was based upon actual traffic conditions or not.

The post on my blog has the photo of the missing route on the screen.

I can see a workaround; get a route first to the preferred intermediate stop, and then another separate one from there to your destination.

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