NEMA 14-30 Charging

Has anyone be able to charge using a NEMA 14-30 outlet? I should be taking delivery of my Model S very soon! I planned to use a nearby 14-30 dryer outlet to charge using the mobile connector until the High Powered Wall Connector gets delivered and installed. However the 14-30 mobile connector plug adapter is not available yet. I could get a 3rd party 14-30 to 14-50 plug adapter or wire in a 14-50 outlet in place of the existing 14-30 but my breaker feeding the outlet is 30 amps. Will the mobile connector (or car – not sure where the intelligence lives) be smart enough to detect that I have a 30 amp circuit and charge at 30 amps, or does it assume a 50 amp circuit and charge at 50 amps because the mobile connector is using a 14-50 adapter? Clearly the latter would trip the breaker and not be a viable solution.

You can set in your car what max charging current can be used so you won't break the breaker. It can be set on charging screen.

Perfect! Jolinar, thank you very much!

If you have problems with that set up, I would set up a temporary NEMA 6-50 while your waiting on the HPWC. The 6-50 uses the same wiring that the HPWC uses. Tesla is recommending that you do this if you are waiting for the HPWC since its back ordered. Just call them and they will send you a PDF that will guide the electrician on how to install this as a temp ( like allowing excess wire in the gang box in prep for HPWC).

Tesla will also send you a adapter for the NEMA 6-50 at no charge if you ordered the HPWC and it's back ordered.

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