New Multi Coat Red in Design Studio

This morning I noticed the new multi-coat red is shown in Design Studio. Looks to me to be very close to the Signature Red, not the flat Red displayed at various events. Anyone know if it is the same?


Yes he said that my delivery date would be extended so that and performane explains it.

The red looks very nice but I can't wait. I had chosen white

It's taking time to squeeze the extra HP in.


P5664 here
Currently on target for jan/feb.

Got an email I can go to new red , still get super charging for free, but need to wait to march/apr

I''m currently 60kwh, blue metallic, 19, pano, tech pack, air susp

Not sure which way to go, so impatient. If it was metallic red, I would have to suck it up and wait..

Grrr. Tough decision!

Shauk, I'm P1,491 and deferred specifically to get the red. I'd be getting my car in the next few weeks but instead in April. Painful to wait another 4 months but worth it to me.

P#9974 and definitely want the red. For those with delivery dates past March, would finalizing with red significantly change the delivery date (since it is after March anyway)?

My number is very close to yours and I just finalized with the red and the 60kwh battery. It says April/May delivery.

Now that Sig Red is flushed from the Paint Center nozzles, there should be little delay.

Don't think those Signature Red nozzles will be flushed till the 500 European Signatures are done.

Maybe they are done, tucked away in a corner till all is ready ...

Or the bodies could be painted, but set aside.

I was at the Tesla store today, and the red is not the same as the Signature red. It is the same red of the uniforms that the employees wear. So it's much lighter in color.
I saw the samples in the store, and they are definitely not a deep red like the Signature model.

p.s. I also did my test drive today, and it was awesome!

mibaro2 is it like the red tee shirt in the merchandise section? That's pretty bright red. 7

On Tesla's gallery page (, there is a picture of this Red in the "10 colors - Fremont, CA" photos section.

A couple of user photos from teslamotorclub also show this red:

The red on the design studio page seems darker though - maybe my monitor/laptop isn't color-calibrated right.

The one I saw at the Get Amped test drive event in August matches these pictures. These are my personal pictures from the Get Amped event:


Are the teslamotorsclub the new Red or the Signature red?

do you have photos to compare?


IMO, definitely Sunset Red. The Sig Red is far deeper maroon.

thanks, Guess I will have to see it 'live'

vouteb: I got the attachments from this thread, which shows all the colors. These are all very well taken photos!

If I have time to stop by the Tesla Motors showroom and see the new red paint-chip, I'll try to take a photo of it and post it up here.


Thanks a lot

Is the 'traffic light' picture, SIG Red?

Pretty sure it's not. No maroon darkness in it.

Does anybody know if I order Performance 85 KW with air and all toys but new Red color, how far will I be pushed back in line?

@ylyubarsky, I completed paperwork on new Red on Wednesday and the estimated delivery was April/May. That's a non-performance 85kWh with Air and a few other thing that shouldn't have an impact on date. I'm P1,491 and deferred to get the red.

So how far do you think they will push me if I am 14,277 ?

I was waiting for red as well, and ordered this w performance, 21" silver, tech, and more. I was also given Apr/May as a delivery date.

BTW, I have been talking to the config specialists for a long time about red, as I have been waiting for this to finalize and configure. They informed me that it is NOT the same as Signature red. Instead, it is more like what was available on the Roadster, but with a different process.

I agree with an earlier post that Sig Red has more maroon - definitely darker. In photo terms, this red has more saturation and luminosity IMHO.

Actually, I like it more than the Sig Red. Lucked out on that one :-)

Use to search for Sunset Red; that's the most recent name for the new red.

I was informed by a Tesla Contact that the new red (Multi-Coat Red) will be different then the 'Sunset Red.' This is why they have changed the name. It will be similar in brightness and shade, but will have more depth (less flat) then the Sunset Red. I am hoping for this revision.

Wait a second. I was under impression that Bright Red car that on the floor on Lincoln Rd. in Miami is the one that TM offers as Red color. Correct me if I am wrong. Do they have the 3-rd color that they are planning to offer?

ylyubarsky, there will only be a single shade of red, in addition to Signature Red, but it remains yet to be seen what that red is going to look like once it is in actual production. The current bright red cars that are out there (are there even more than one?) are custom paint jobs (necessarily).

So how can I finalize my car if the color is not available to see? What if I don't like it after all and the car is in the production already. Sounds not fair.

Yly--It's the risk one takes. I assume that chips aren't available in the stores yet so you have to make a choice. Order a red which will likely be similar to the Sunset Red that's been pictured elsewhere or go with currently available colors.

Alternatively, you can always re-reserve at the end of the line before the end of the year and that will give you a chance to see the red before you have to configure.

The new multi-coat red is NOT the same color as the sunset red that had been previously photographed and shown at early GetAmped events. And it is NOT signature red.

Colors are not often truly represented in the computerized design studio, many colors (grey, green, blue) appear too dark in the computer design studio IMO. The colors in the samples in the stores are closer to the "real" colors. But I have found that all of the colors on actual cars always look better than any sample :-)

Picking the color of our cars is often the hardest design choice.

Picking the color of our cars is often the hardest design choice. (krogers)

Easy: Leave it to your wife. Quite likely she has a strong opinion, so that's a perfect opportunity to delegate. :-)

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