A new "one pedal" driving coupe from Cadillac due late 2013...

Cadillac is showing their new ELR coupe (based on the Volt with improvements) with "regen on demand". They are using paddle shifters back of the steering wheel, not to shift gears, but to enable regeneration and slow the vehicle down. Price when offered for sale probably in the $60k to $75k (after $7,500 federal tax credit).

Wow, hard to imagine they think they can get $20-$35k extra for some styling and minor improvements over the Volt.

GM calls it "one-pedal driving". Where have I heard that term before? They should put an electric motor between the rear wheels and ditch the ICE. Why does Fiskar use a 2L turbo-charged ICE when GM uses a 1.4L ICE? Everyone is playing "catch-up" to TM.

I think of these hybrids in the same way that i think about nicotine gum. You want to quit gas, but just can't manage to go cold turkey. So you still get to have the bad stuff but not the anxiety. (That said, i don't mean to offend smoker's out there. Having quit cold turkey 12 years ago, i know how hard it is.) I don't think I will find it that hard to quit gasoline thanks to my MS which is coming soon.:)

I can understand getting a Volt, but I don't understand why you'd pay $60-75k for this when you could get a 40 or 60kwh Model S instead.

Well, the interior is a lot nicer. But, not sure about *that* much nicer. Obviously, would rather have the interior tech and electric tech of the Tesla.

Caddy buyers like it that way. Exclusivity enforced with pricing.

Luxury hybrids only highlights what Tesla has been able to accomplish with the Model S.

Um, OK ... so plan to arrive at the party late, and in last year's dress. What were they think'n?

More money for a 16kWh Caddy than a 40kWh S.

Slower, less room, noisier, and yesteryear's cockpit tech.

And looks? Let's just say that few guys would fight over this chick.

Underscores just how dramatic the break from old school Model S truly is.

Another slam dunk for Elon... ( his goal was to spring the transition to EV )
- beautiful car.
- engineering conservative ( T-shaped battery, ICE engine )
- limited space
- price point 60-80k
- instrument cluster programmable, but still endless number of buttons
- ...

seems like GM is crawling to the finish line ( = Tesla )

Yeah, the extra "premium" markup actually goes to engineering, not just cush and puff and glitz.

Above responds to Lou: "Luxury hybrids only highlights what Tesla has been able to accomplish with the Model S."

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