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- Craig

mmmm. Splines are pretty.

Thanks for all the VINS. Please contribute your recent VIN assignment.

Thanks again cfOH for the time and expertise to put this info together.

Still need new VINs to keep the chart/info relevant/useful

around 9-20

Sep 23rd

Reservation September 4th
Confirmed September 5th
Changed order - included "Winter" option on September 10th
VIN 24256 on September 24th


Well, they just surged again. Faskinatin.


I would like to add our VN to the list if I could just read it. It is so small on my monitor - I can't recognize anything (with the exception of a table and a graph. Is there a trick?

VIN 23751, 24th of September.

One-week rate data point off the chart.

Sweet --- am excited to see where this takes us over the coming months.


You can open the source image directly here:

Then press "Ctrl" and "+" (at the same time) to zoom in. That helps a little. The soure image is pretty small.

On my monitor (24 inch) I can read it ok without zooming.

Thanx a lot to Blue Shift, that works ...

No new VINs in 2 days?? Expect the weekly rate estimate to be VERY wonky for the next several days unless we can fill in those blanks.


24217 noted today. Prob assigned 9/23 or 24

EU VIN *20631 was assigned on 22 august.
In production on 26 september.

In the US, there is a bolted-on strip on the dash at the left with the VIN, visible from outside, by law. Maybe different in Europe.

VIN P14868
Delivered 2013-09-05


I was at the Costa Mesa service center on Saturday - there was a car hauler unloading at 1:00pm and the service person Lisa said it was the fifth of the DAY - she also volunteered that they had sold 5 loaners that previous week - so while Tesla is delivering regular production, somewhere in there is the loaner program which escalates the production numbers while not necessarily the VIN #'s -

Each loaner also has a VIN assigned, so they are all accounted for, but they are not new VIN.

Last 5 digits of VIN: 21616 September 8, 2013

second submission

VIN 21616

8 septembre 2013

MichaelN - selling a loaner does not increase the production number. A loaner has been produced already. It is a delivery.

Production (out of the back door of a factory)
Delivery (cash paid for a sale, customer title transferred)

The only way selling loaners could alter an estimate of the deliveries of Q3 is if the VIN's of the units sold were assigned before the quarter.

I wonder how many Tesla Model Ses with a VIN lower than 20,000 will be delivered in Q4 2013 (or in 2014)?

Vin assigned on September 27 2013



Next week VIN 25,000(+)?

What I want to know is who is buying the Tesla stock at these prices, and pushing it higher? I have been long mostly around $35-40 and sold about 20% around $107 so I could sleep. I can hold because of the low cost basis... but I do not dare to add at these prices. I do not think it is the shorts since the short interest has actually gone up over the last couple of months.

The long shot here is if Tesla can disrupt the ICE market is the next few years and become a dominant brand using its proprietary tech, design and manufacturing technology. When I look at their current product, factory, Model X, new battery chemistry potential that Elon indicated... I think that Tesla will disrupt the ICE automobile.

Gen III could be sold for the price of a mass market Prius.

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