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We are still more than 1 year away from the first production model X, so I'm not to nervous.

They currently have more than 8,000 reservations which represent around $71,000,000 in deposit to help get the final product out.

@Fredlambert - how were you able to determine that 8,000 Model X reservations have been made? Is this info publically available?

There's a thread on this forum following the reservation numbers:

Not as good as this one, since the reservation # are by country, but if add up US, EU and CA you end up with about 8k.




@Fredlambert & @Tamtam10

You had better take a look at this thread:


Thanks for the link.

@cfOH by your logic you should be barred from selling ("undermining") a stock once you have bought it.

Arguably, the folks who are buying TSLA based on hype and momentum despite not understanding whether the valuation makes sense, are doing TM no favors.

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More VIN's please.

@ Benz ... +1

September 24th, 23725

The small print disclaimer box still ends in "due to" for me. There is white space for another line, but no text.


(on October 3)

....still sourcing parts (where are those parts anyway ? :)

25122, OCT 3

Thanks for the VIN's

Looks like they hit 25K around Oct1. If you subtract out 2012 sales---they have surpassed their projected sales for 2013 (21K). If you project through the end of 2013--they should easily pass 30,000 vehicles. That is a large number of cars in this segment. Mercedes, BMW and Lexus have to be feeling this now. Anyone have figures on the Panamera sales--they must be impacted by this the most. More importantly, we will have 30,000 happy people by the end of the year---love my P85.

No doubt they are sweating, but other threads show Tesla buyers come from a wide spectrum of car owners. Mine was a Buick.

@SD - last numbers I read S class and big BMWs were up substantially so far this year... so MS doesn't seem to take away much from that segment. At work it is not the folks who drive the $100k cars that ask me about the MS. Like jackhub said it comes from a much wider group of people. Like me the most I spent on a previous car was $24k, because I never felt compelled to spend more for the "prestige" of a luxury ICE. Analysts that limit the MS market potential to the luxury segment are mistaken.

24957 Assigned 10/2 confirmed 9/24 P85+


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I think what we are seeing is a peak in demand for the automotive market in general. There was pent up demand for new cars from the recesssion. The automotive sector has always been cyclical. It just turns out that the Model S arrived on the scene just when consumer confidence came back. Hopefully that makes up for the stressors Tesla suffered through the recession.

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In light of the Model S fire incident, this thread will be especially interesting since it'll give an indication of how significant, or insignificant, it is.

Glad the leveling off of the weekly VIN rate occurred a week ago and not today as it might have led to the erroneous conclusion that it was related to the fire. Actually, change the "might" to "would"-there are a lot of haters and sensationalists out there.

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