Northwest Arkansas and a EV Market

If you are looking for a place in Northwest Arkansas to setup shop take a look at the Pinnacle Hills Promenade in Rogers Arkansas.

I myself would love to see a dealership in northwest Arkansas.


Anybody found a good way to lure a Tesla store in your town?
Free electricity? Low rental cost within a shiny mall? Lots of millionaires down the street?

Any hints greatly appreciated.

VolkerP, you already have a Tesla store within the (one-way) range of even the smallest of Model S batteries. What more can you ask for?

A Tesla store is planned for Berlin, so you probably can reach it by bike or subway. Tell me how you did that and I'm happy :-)

Is that true?! I haven't heard that but I'd be glad, of course. Last time I felt the urge to walk into a Tesla store, I traveled to Munich... Maybe making your home town public by way of your forum id helps...? ;-)

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