Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?

Yep, P2144, got mine this morning too. Like a small child at Christmas.

...seems that having waited three years as opposed to you guys waiting three months or so did have very little pratical meaning... Good for you guys, NOT that good for me as I would have appreciated a LITTLE value for my hard spent down payment! :) I´m #220, and according to my Tesla rep. the production will not start until June. I guess that´s most feasible for Tesla; producing a larget batch right away! :)

First Norwegian delivery scheduled for June ... in Dallas, TX :-) (I'm Norwegian living in Dallas). Sorry, I couldn't resist. I love that Norwegians are heading the European adoption of the car and is the only country on the forum with this kind of engagement.

Curious though ... what is the primary motivation behind the purchase decision for the car in Norway? How does it compare in price to ICE cars? Is the cost of gasoline a motivating factor at all, or is it primarily about the car itself?

You are right. Our wait compared to yours is nothing. I have been following Tesla since the beginning but I didn't invest, as you did. You early investors made all this possible and we are grateful. Thank you.

Now we just waiting for paper to sign.

Juilius is your reservation number 2440? As I have a reservation number for Norway delivery which is is earlier than yours (2386) and have not had any notificaton of being able to finalise.

That suck. But hang on, as long as you finalize your car in May. It will be delivered in Sept-Okt.... This I read when I build our car.

Bergen :)

To everyone in Norway who has received an invite to configure car, please update (and keep up to date) this spreadsheet:

This helps to keep track of Tesla's progress.

"We are preparing your Pre-Delivery Purchasing Agreement and will email you in about one business day" and today is 7 days away from this wonderful message! Eager to commit to part with my savings, but nothing happens! This is torture; telling me they will be back in a day or so and keep me waiting for ages ;-)
Patience is a virtue.... maybe.

Same here! :-/
I beleve that we can say that speed is not a Tesla ting. :-)

Reply to therealmach3 :

Motivation for buying Tesla:

Zero emission
Great looking car
Great performance
Price Aston Martin Rapide S : about 500 k$ + high fuel etc
Price Tesla (with everyting): about 100 k$ + very little!

Should be a no brainer...

In sales and marketing the axiom is that delivery shall be equal to or just above customer expectations, but never ever below. TM say a day or so and now we are closing in on day no. 8. That is a big fail, with huge under delivery. I agree with Julius, speed is not a TM thing. Come on George! I know your read the threads. Shape up. It takes a week? Fine. Don't tell me it takes a day. Takes two weeks? Also fine. But say so. Don't get my expectations high and then .... nothing.
Oh well.... who cares anyway. I am sold on the P85+ anyway. So eager to throw my hard earned cash after TM to get that f...g wonderful car. I am hooked. Just reel me in.

And while I bitch and moan in comes an email from TM saying that they have opened their store in Trondheim (mid-Norway), in essence: Happy to officially open the new store on Friday 10th May:

"Ventetiden er endelig over og vi utvider nå vårt nettverk i Norge. Vi er glade for å meddele at den offesielle åpningen av vår Tesla Store i Trondheim er fredag 10. mai. Kom innom for å lære mer om vårt nytenkende firma og våre banebrytende elektriske biler. Våre vennlige produktspesialister vil være til stede for å demonstrere touchscreenen og svarer deg gjerne på spørsmål."

Finalize button. #2905, ordered medio march 2013(!) MSP Dolphin grey, tech, pano, winter pkg, 21" silver, black alcantara, sound+, carbon fiber, park ass., light pkg.

As one of the early Sigs I am anxious to know when delivery can be expected, my paperwork says June/July. But between June 1st and JUly 31st is 60 days and the whole summer with various vacation plans. Nice to know which car we could use and when to put our VW Tiguan on the net. Talked today with a guy at the Oslo office. He said delivery will be warned at least 30 days in advance. I got the impression that the first batches of Sigs would arrive in the fist half of July, but no promises.
Let's start a new tread of EU delivery when we get some real dates

Just received my finalize button. EU 2937
Non-perf 85 with all options, except rear facing seats. Color not decided, but most likely white pearl,

The car comes when the car comes. But I want it sooner.

Today I am dreaming about supercharge points. I live in Tromsø and it will be nice to drive down to Trondheim. That can be with two charging points. And I will prefer supercharge or 50kw. From Trondheim and south it will be short distant and plenty of charging points.

so... The car will be deliver some day. :-)

Hurray, Hurray, my paper come today!
at 12:26 the mail come inn, so now I have to wait for my wife then we will do this together.
:-) :-)

by the way: #2440

Done! Paper signed for #2145
Grey, grey, P85+ everything except the extra seats and cozy lights.
Another round of waiting, in great anticipation.

(...maybe it helped to bitch and moan?)

Congrats GeirT! I know you have been waiting soooooooo long, and still have months to go till your S arrives, but now progress is real!

Prepare a time graph of your anticipation and impatience, with annotations for significant events. It will keep you occupied.

Finally on the move. Autumn is here before we know it - wonderful (?) summer in the making. And the spreadsheet is up and running, graphs being prepared, expecting a linear growth towards climax ;-)

My P85 signed... :) Waiting, waiting...

"We are preparing your paperwork"


Your paperwork is being countersigned!
:-)) We are so happy now. There is a timewindow now to get our car and that is fine. We know what we have and will come. And that is good.

#2144 "Your order has been submitted to the factory."

Happy happy happy

So now have several of us build our car and signed on paper. So what now. I have been interested in HPWC (High Power Wall Connector). I did believe that I need 400V-3P, but i read at Tesla's web-sides this:

Single phase, 208-250 volt AC supply, 60 hertz
For cars configured with on-board Twin Chargers: 60-100 amp circuit breaker
For cars configured with on-board Single Charger: 50 amp circuit breaker

What power do I need to charge our car from empty to full at 4-5 hours?

@ Julius,North Norway

I called the Tesla team for advise as I am in the process of building a garage and got the advise that the 220V with 32A 3-phase should be excellent, considering overnight charge. I have ordered my car with the twin on-board charger. Being no EE I have no idea how to calculate this - but perhaps someone could reflect on what would be sensible and optimal - the two not necessarily being the same - thus provide some solid advise?

I have try to find answer.

In Norway You can get 230V-1Phase (1+N) or 400V-3Phase (3+N) N = Neutral. So You need 400V-3phase 32A. That will give 22kw.

1-phase: P=U*I = 230V*16A = 3,7kw
230V*32A = 7,4kw

3-phase: P=U*I*1,732 = 400V*16A*1,732 = 11kw
400V*32A*1,732 = 22kw
(1,732*1,732=3. (Kvadratrota av 3 på godt Norsk.)

This is may be wrong, but this is what I remember from school.

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