Only 6 FM presets????????

Just got the car and I cannot find out how to get more than just 6 FM presets. I have the upgraded audio package. Am I missing something or is this all there is? If so, this is pretty cheesy. The cheapest car stereos in the world have at least 12 presets. Hey, I love the car and I know there are some quirks to new carmakers but this is a weird one.

@Pungo - Unfortunately Tunein does not work for me. In LA the most popular stations are not available on Tunein and that is what I listen to. I did try the classic rock station (KLOS) briefly and it kept pausing due to not enough 3g signal in my neighborhood. (Good thing my phone is LTE)

I have tunein on my iphone, but it does not get all the stations I listen too. For example, it does not receive 99.5 in the DC area.

I won't have my car for about another 2 weeks. Can the Tesla play stations carried on I Heart Radio?

I see a lot of people here suggesting using Slacker and TuneIn as a substitute for AM and FM. As an excited prospective owner, what are you supposed to do if your favorite local stations are not available on either of the streaming options? Second, the 3G data connection is not going to be free forever - per the manager at the local Tesla showroom, at some point Tesla will require a paid monthly plan for the 3G connectivity. So what do we do then, if we don't want to pay that monthly fee in addition to what many of us already see as a very high monthly payment? Then we will be stuck with the shoddy radio reception in a $90,000+ vehicle? I'm a bit shocked that such a basic function has apparently received such little attention by Tesla.

I'm just posing these questions because a week ago I was ready to put down a reservation, but after doing some searches I've found that a lot of owners are having various issues - the AM/FM reception being one of the most pervasive. From what I've read, this doesn't appear to be a problem for a few - it seems to be across the board. Not using AM/FM, as some have implied, is not an option for all of us. I don't use it a lot myself, but on occasion I do listen to the radio and I'd like it to work properly.

I don't know where this comes from. In San diego I can listen to my favorite stations in high definition. Rock 105.3 (both HD1 and HD2 stations come in perfect), 94.9, 101.1, classical 104.9. And AM 760 comes in perfect.

No issues whatsoever.

Amped, the radio in Tesla is fantastic. Why would you think that you favorite stations are not on Tune in? Tune in is not a substitute, it is a far superior item. Especially when you do not loose signal when traveling a few miles.

Update from my original post:

Just today I discovered that most of the stations I listen to are available via tunein. I was unable to find them before. However, Star 98.7 (one of the biggest stations in LA) is not accessible via tunein in the Tesla. It is available on tunein on-line so that is odd. I called Tesla ownership and they confirmed this quirk.

I also made a new discovery today that the skip buttons on the steering wheel will take your through your favorite internet stations. The skip button on regular radio will take you to the next available station whether it is your favorite or not. Again, very odd. Obviously these things will be fixed via future software upgrades.

Check out TuneIn on your computer.

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