Problem in Reverse?..

My wife swears that the S85 sometimes jumps into Park when she's backing up in Reverse. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon? I borrowed the car several times and drove it in reverse and could not get it to duplicate the problem.

Tell your wife she is not alone. I have not experienced this myself. I have a P85 delivered in early Jan. of '13. However a group of local Tesla owners were sharing stories and one of the owners (1 of 5) described this very issue. He has a P85 and it was delivered just a few weeks ahead of mine in mid Dec of '12.

He said he had not reported it and just lives with it. For him it seemed to be no big deal.

If you take it to a service center please keep us posted as to the outcome.

Thx. JJS.
Will do

Yes, in short as the thread mentioned points out, some people naturally lift their butt out of the seat when turning around in reverse, causing the car to put itself into park. Learning to use and trust the camera can solve that problem!

I guess one does truly drive by the seat of their pants !

LOL, tell her not to lean over when backing out. The car parks when you shift your weight off the seat.

Ohhhhhh.... this is why I have such a hard landing when I launch my Model S over steep hills at high speeds.

Does this happen when going forward too? What if I leaned really hard to check my blind spot on the highway? Would it switch to park at 65mph too??

I dunno. I guess I should mention that all of my air catching hooning has been while going in reverse.

Yep, and smash the guts out of the car. And driver.

I doubt the car shifts to park at highway speeds, however if you are checking your blindspot for long enough to trigger this, you are doing it wrong.

I was stopped at a red light. Took the seat belt off to take off my jacket and then the car wouldn't move when I stepped on the accelerator. I had just taken delivery. I wasn't sure what was happening but my heart sank thinking that my brand new electric car "stalled" in traffic. Now I know to just step on the brake and put it back in drive.

I think the car will stop after a short distance if you back up with the door open. I'd have to try it again to verify, but it seems this has happened to me several times in the parking garage while backing up to the charger.

It always makes me cringe when I see people open their doors to back up. If you're doing that it tells me you are completely oblivious to anything happening on the passenger side of your vehicle while backing up. So you will undoubtedly be between the lines in your parking space, but you may drive over a pedestrian in the process.

Not a good tradeoff in my opinion. I think turning around and looking through the back window is a better option.

It happened in a review of the car. It's kinda funny. When I get home I will try to find the video.

I think the butt sensor is only used when there's no seatbelt fastened. Perhaps she was driving without her seatbelt on?

@mai - that's correct. If the seatbelt is fastened this should not happen. Many people wait to put on the seatbelt until after they've backed out of the garage.

Run the lap belt behind your back and fasten, and you can maneuver your butt as you please. ;)

Here's the correct video.

I just picked up my new Tesla yesterday and had the exact issues backing out of my friends garage this morning. While I cant remember if I had my seat belt on, I sure was turning a fair bit to ensure I did not scratch the sides on the way out of an unfamiliar garage. Will try tomorrow with seat belt on and see if it happens again.

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