Rental Model S in Las Vegas?

Hi all!

I am new to the forum - I am trying to see if there is any possible way for me to rent a Model S for my boyfriend's birthday. He and I both love the Model S and I would love to be able to let him try it out for a day!

I've been searching through numerous websites that claim they offer rental Model S however when I call, no such luck.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

I suggest phoning the Tesla store in Las Vegas. I imagine if anyone can help you, they can.

Their number is (650) 463-6797.

Thank you very much, sberman!

Hope that works out for you!

The 650 number is the main Tesla number. Vegas number is 702-914-6500. Eden or Tony should be able to help.

@Darmok, I see that you're right about the phone number. I got the 650 number from Tesla's webpage describing the address and phone number of the Las Vegas store. But I agree with your suggestion.

Try -- private rentals.

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