Roll Over?

How would one open the Falcon Wing doors in a roll over accident?

How do you open sliding doors in a rollover?

Let me clarify my question:
How would one open the Falcon Wing doors if the Model X is rolled over so that it is resting on its roof? Is there some sort of emergency 'break away' mechanism for the Falcon Wing doors?

I think they have mentioned a system where the falcon doors detach in case of such emergency. Sorry, no link.

Or, you can break the windows, if they don't break in the rollover already...

Explosive bolts from SpaceX?

At first I thought that because the doors had two hinges, the doors could be opened some way from the first (non roof) hinge. But after seeing the Model X in person, I noticed that the doors have tracks on the side of the B pillars which are used to move the door up before it can swing out.

You can see this here:
Tesla Model X - Doors open

I guess it could still be opened from the first hinge (exploding bolts), but it wouldn't hinge out in a nice way.

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