Rumored supercharger locations

Hey just wanted to make a clear forum one where some rumored superchargers are being set up!
Please add source!

I'll start off with, my home town
Claimed that Ross, OakBrook store manager said on either side of town

From this thread:
William9 | FEBRUARY 12, 2013
A Tesla employee at the Scottsdale store said he overheard his regional manager saying that 3 sites for AZ would be on-line in next couple of months; Kingman, Blythe, Yuma. Here's hoping!

Sorry. this thread

It would be sweet to have a supercharger in Yuma for those of us coming from Phoenix to San Diego in their Model S's. Fill er up!

That's a stretch (Phx-Yuma).. 180+ miles! 173+miles on to San Diego. Also consider the mountainous clime over to the coast.

Telsa needs to keep SC stations in the 100-150 mile range..... so add one to Gila Bend AZ area and another west of El Centro---Ocotillo area :) We'll need the energy at intervals that makes Tesla driving absolutely effortless.

Plus.... we gotta stretch our legs once in a while..... even if we are ....on our way to San Diego in a Model S!!!!!!!!!



I just left the Tesla store in Toronto, and a supercharger station is being built in Kingston right now. It is an excellent location on the 401, right in between Toronto and Montreal. Over 10 million people live within Model S reach of this station, and it will eliminate "range anxiety" in what is one of the heaviest travelled corridors in North America.
Another one knocked out of the park!!

Do we know anyone in Kingston who can check it out???

I was told that in Colorado both Denver and Vail were being looked at real hard. The mountain areas need one BAD! There is no other charging option in the major ski towns or on I-70. That means Im stuck driving in Denver metro only....

I was at the Tesla store this morning. I had a long conversation with a few of the staff members. They indicated that California is the largest market, as we all know. The second-largest is the New York City area, where the second batch of Chargers recently went in. "The third largest market is the Chicago area but southern Florida is gaining and expected to pass soon." They said that there is the rumor of the Bloomington Illinois charger but there is also the Rumor, that they started with me, that "the state of Florida is going to be the next market to get multiple chargers because of the rapid growth there."

For precise information as to the location of and the construction timeline for the Kingston facility, you might want to call the Toronto store @ 416-787-8006. All of the product specialists have the information.

From Denver and Vail, it's downhill to everywhere, so you can probably live on regen. :D

This from Mr. Musk yesterday on Twitter:
Elon Musk ‏@elonmusk
Btw, more free East Coast Superchargers coming soon. Will allow lower initial charge, v high speed trip & long detours, like NYTimes drive.

Right now the Newar, DE to Milford, CT run is a bit long, so I'd bet on something just south of NYC. Maybe the Vince Lombardi rest stop?

Any supercharging stations coming to Canada .

@Tesla303, I was sworn to secrecy but since you said it first, Vail is definitely on the list. The team was in town last week to scout a specific location in Vail.

jasoncehn750, please see my posts above about the Kingston facility.

@Baer ... nice. The Lombardi rest stop is a good place as there are more lunch options there.

I hope they install more than two charging stations at the (possible) NJ rest stop. With all the MS's currently shipping it's going to get crowded over there. I hope they start putting in 6 superchargers similar to those in California.

How many need that kind of mileage as a daily matter? Gov't stats show 1% of trips are l/d, and about 30% of total mileage (which doesn't really matter -- it's the frequency that counts for SC usage.)

Maybe one of us can create a list of rumored SC locations to include a comment on the source of the information? This isn't the thread for "wants" - it's the thread for rumored locations. Photos are always welcome!

Blythe, CA was mentioned to me by a Tesla rep as a very possible site.

Another data point on solar @ Blythe (near CA/Arizona boarder)

@BrianH - Not so much for daily drivers. The NJ Turnpike is the major N/S corridor on the East coast and Lombardi is the last rest stop on the way into Manhattan where there are few places to park and charge over night. So I suspect there would be a pretty high demand for supercharger access there for weekenders and through travelers who don't want to baby their car to get from DE to CT.

@ BrianH
It's not the daily demand that should drive the number but the peak demand (or some percentage of that). Holiday weekends will create the backups at those SCs, the question is how long of a wait is acceptable.

Last Saturday a Tesla employee at one of the Illinois stores told me that a recent meeting they were asked if a SuperCharger should be installed in Chicago and they all answered YES. Fingers crossed that the higher-ups follow through on this. With so many Teslas in the area and the traffic jams, it would make sense to have a station within the city.

yes, peak demand is relevant. I think the peaks will flatten and the stations will accommodate even that demand for some time, though. IAC, so far there is really no sign of backups; a few anecdotes in limited special circumstances. We'll see.

Really a supercharger in Chicago, that surprises me. I thought they were going to stay away from urban

The only reason I could see for that would be if Chicago was 150 mi in either direction from another one. A mid-point. Even then, it should be on a site accessible to the through-way.

Any new news it has been what 2 1/2 months since last addition of superchargers!

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