Security of charging cable

Has anyone lost a charging cable? I will be charging at work, and although I am pretty comfortable with the security, it strikes me that public charging stations may not be as secure. Once I receive my MS (within the next 2 weeks)I will take a look to see if there is a way to temporarily secure the cable to the car. Any thoughts?

Tesla cables are locked to the car.
The adapters.... not so much.


The J adapter locks to the car also (i.e., the adapter used with a public charging station). You are correct, however, that if you use the Mobile Connector cable with, say, a NEMA 14-50 adapter (for example, at a campground), then the cable locks to the car, but the adapter can be removed from both the cable and the wall outlet.

It's not like there's a hot black market for UMC adapters, so don't get too worked up about it.

When using the adapters that do not lock - be sure to remember to take with you. I read here of one instance where the adapter was left plugged into the Charging station.

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