Sound Levels from Edmunds test track review

At long last, real noise measurements!

Db @ Idle: 36.4
Db @ Full Throttle: 62.5
Db @ 70-mph Cruise: 61.7

I LOVE that it's essentially the same at full throttle as it is cruising!

Correction, they did publish those numbers ( The difference is in the performance model and the tires. The performance is appreciably louder, primarily from road noise with the 21s.

Did you find Car and Driver doing Tesla/Panamera comparison? I dind't find anything like that. And the Edmunds numbers were also done with 21" wheels, but seem less believable than Car and Driver numbers after my test drive.

So my cabin noise measures at 92+ decibels at > 70 mph. I have a new P85+. This has got to be unusual. Compared to my Lexus, it's like an F15 is flying overhead. Is it just the 21" tires? Will it go away if I switch to 19"? Or is it a problem that the SC needs to address?

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