a Tesla for folks not in the 1%

The Model S is a stunning achievement on many dimensions. Although the price is very reasonable, it is out of reach for most people not in the top 1%. I wonder how much the price could come down without the luxury items and huge battery. Here is a Tesla I would buy today:
-- 0-60 mph in 6.5 seconds
-- 60-0 mph in 115 feet
-- range 45 miles at 70 mph (15 kwh battery, if car is light enough?)
-- weight 3,300 lbs
-- 18- or 19-inch wheels
-- suspension and steering tuned like a BMW 1-series
-- body style: sedan or coupe
-- zero luxury features (no metallic paint, no sunroof, no navigation, no leather, etc)
-- cost $33K (after gov tax credit)

I guess the Ford Focus electric is getting close, but Tesla could do so much better and knock this out of the park.

Not likely, Maiky. Tesla is a high-end brand, so even their "affordable car" will most likely be competing with middle-level BMW, Audi, MB etc.

OTOH BEV is so much cheaper to keep that you should calculate if it gets cheaper than your current car in long run and then calculate if you can afford it by taking car loan (and pay that loan back by saved gas costs).

Eventually, there will be a REAL low end version, which people will nickname the "TesKia". >:)

Good point. Sounds realistic to me.

Gen III is targetted to cut MS costs in half. I think the battery will be bigger than you project, and the price before options a bit lower.

@Brian H
Would Tesla Motors consider to introduce a stationcar (before the introduction of the GEN III car)? These stationcars are very popular actually (certainly in Europe). And every car company has got these on offer. I am thinking of a stationcar which will be on the same platform as the Model S and the Model X. I believe these are the GEN II cars, right?

Benz, I'm guessing that you mean station wagon with station car. At least I don't know what station car means.

Well, here in The Netherlands "stationcar" is a very commonly used word. Maybe you are right, and the official word is "station wagon". But I understand that you do know now what I mean?

I'm guessing that you mean station wagon:


Elon has talked about "variants" on the Model S, and that might be one of them.

Good to know that there just might be more "variants" coming (next to the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X). That would be just fantastic.

It's good for the buyers that they will have more options to choose from, because of their own individual situation (they can buy what suits them best). And it's good for Tesla Motors as well to offer more options to the buyers, because the buyers then will not have to go to another car company, to make their personally optimal choise.

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