Tesla with Reus Audio Upgrade at Tesla Supercharger Party in Seattle - Nov. 3

Tesla is having a Road Trip Finish Line Celebration at their Seattle store as part of the West Coast Supercharger completion drive.

There have been discussions on the forums about the Reus Audio upgrade package for the Tesla Model S. I am having my car upgraded this week along with another owner in the Seattle area.

For anyone interested I will bring the car to the Seattle store on Sunday and people are welcome to give a listen.

Only caveat is that I am attending a play at 1PM so will not be to the store until around 3:30 PM or so. (Celebration is from 2-5)

[disclaimer: I have no connection to Reus audio apart from being a customer. Just heard the system at Teslive and liked it]

Hi Six. Sorry I missed you at the event today. We hung out until 4:30 with a USB drive in hopes of hearing how it sounded. I guess I should have asked around a bit more.

Sorry about that we got there late around 4 or so. If you would like to meet up to hear the system I am sure we can find a time.

PM me at forums.

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