Tesla S - Importation into Canada

Has anyone actually imported a Tesla S into Canada?

RIV Canada list says only the Roadster is legally importable?

Roadster models built from May 4, 2009 to
August 31, 2011 inclusively

If you did successfully import an S modulel what duties did you pay?

I picked up my model S at the Laval service center. All model S owners pay 6.1% federal import duties as well as provincial and federal sales taxes. The 6.1% duty is included in the price quoted on this website (see Canadian region).

Why would you bother? They're on sale and widely delivered in Canada. Russia is a different story.

Thank you for the information Stephen.
Brian... a couple of dozne to 10 units = widely delivered?.. really?


I don't know where you got "a couple of dozne"?? There were 200 Canadian Signature's and as of Feb 1 an additional 700 reservations. I believe all the Signatures were deliverd and probably 300 to 400 hundred more, so 500 - 700 hundred is widely distributed in Canada. If you exclude California That is probably close to the same as the rest of the US on a per population basis.

Yeah, there were 70 Sigs in the Vancouver area alone, back in December.

BTW, a couple dozen is more than 10. Duh.

About the reason to import a S to Canada ; Over the Time We Will see more and more used S for sale ( some may want to upgrade to the new gadget ilke P85+ or What else in the future).
We already CAN see some on ebay and it could be useful to know if we (canadiens)can bid on that.

There are some differences in Cdn. requirements and regs. There are issues importing any US car.

So why is Tesla not supporting the importation of used US sold model S to Canada?

@cng, what would you expect Tesla to do to help you import a used Model S?

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