Tesla S Insurance Premiums

Just wanted to hear what everyone is paying for insuring their Model S in California. AAA is charging me $4053 a year!! That is crazy! I have seen some people getting insurance for $1800-2200. When I got my bill the other day I almost fell off my chair. Let me know if their are better rates out there and companies! Thanks

I contacted Progressive and Geico. They both gave me about $650-700 every 6 months.

I am paying 499 for 6 months with state farm. P85+

$564 for 6 months with a $500 deductible for comp and collision. Also 250,000/500,000 for other limits. This was also with State Farm and in West Virginia, a very litigious state. State Farm seems to be very competitive with this car, someone in their underwriting dept is going to get a huge raise with all these clients coming over, high credit score and net worth clients as well :)) That is unless every minor ding starts costing them big $$$. Leaving Allstate, quoted me $1,200 for 6 months.

Having gone through a serious claim process in the past, what the coverage the cost is actually buying makes a huge difference when you need it. One can buy a plastic cup for $1 or a crystal glass for $10. The later is a better deal. That was when I learned that GEICO was no good when pay-out is needed, and they fought tooth and nail not to cover things. In contrast, for those in New Jersey, New Jersey Manufacture (NJM) was night and day when things went wrong. To my disappointment, they quoted me $1,730/year fully loaded (~$1K for the Audi S4, but it was old). Will need to send document related to vehicle tracking for the number to come down. Also, my demographic did not do me any favors. Otherwise it should be lower.

If you live in California, do not buy Tesla insurance without checking with Wawanesa Insurance in San Diego.

I got full coverage for under $600 per year... not 6 months on an S+

Now I have a decent driving record with multiple cars insured but they always come in lowest and are nice people to deal with.

I have been using Wawanesa for somewhere around 20 years with zero claims. I think they quoted me something like $700 a year for the Tesla Model S. I don't recall exactly how much but I think I posted it here or on TMC.

Note that Wawanesa is a premium carrier for excellent driving records only. Yelp is full of stories of long-term customers getting dumped after a single incident. I know friends I referred to Wawanesa have been turned down.

I am paying $410 for full coverage 500 deductable on my S+.

That is for a full year.

With Wawanesa insurance in San Diego

Sounds like a one-accident-coverage company.

I'm in SoCal. Currently with MetLife, they don't have the S in their system, so I got to move on.
Got quotes from Geico and State Farm at $500 deductible. Geico was $716 for six months. State Farm was $671 for six months (additional discount due to home insurance). Going with State Farm early next month.

State Farm 750.00 a yea

State Farm rates were very reasonable. Only modestly more than my 6 year old BMW in CA.

Vicelike and Tommyboy

Does Wawaneesa also insure your homes? I remember them quoting me more for their
Coverage than Mercury and I have a flawless record. Mercury has me at $2500 per year with $1000 ded and $100k/$300k liability coverage

I"m paying $499.53 for 6 months - MS P85+ at State Farm.

Liability - Bodily Injury / Property Damage
$100,000 each person / $300,000 each accident
$50,000 each accident

Collision Deductible


Is State Farm insuring your house as well? What state are you in?

In Texas, just outside of Houston, State Farm for $480 for 6 months. No accidents in over 10 years, homeowner insurance also with State Farm, so get the additional discount. With them for over 25 years, and never a problem on any claims. They were great when my water heater failed while I was out of town and flooded my house.

I think, The insurance prices are varied from state to state. In these days, Insurance is one of the essential requirements for everyone. Could you please share me some more information about the topic.

St. Louis car insurance quotes

I am currently with geico but with my renewal coming up in August they have raised my rate. Progressive gave me a pretty good quote. Has anyone had any issues with Progressive?

I just got a quote from progressive today. The total was higher than my current carrier (21st century),, but I noticed that the uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage was 3x the price I am paying now. So if you don't need UMBI (you have good medical or an umbrella that covers it) Progressive might give you a good price.

What I like about the Progressive qoute is that it offers GAP and roadside. Geico has crappy roadside but no GAP.

My Allstate is $834/6 months. SF bay area (Palo Alto), no accidents, multi-policy discount (home and auto), multi-auto discount.

State Farm premium for TMS 2013 P85+ is now $399/6M. S. San Jose, Ca. (Morgan Hill), no accidents, multi-policy discount (home and auto), multi-auto discount and good driver discount. It was $499/6 months as main car, but recently changed the classification to “spare car” and my premium went down by $100 to $399 for 6 months.
Coverage - $100,000/$300,000/$100,000.
Collision deductible $1000, $250 comprehensive.

Insured with State Farm for around $1,400/year in Phoenix, with maximum coverage.

see Kevin's thread on 'beware of progressive'

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