Tesla Timeline

Despite having to fight numerous lawsuits, countless naysayers and obstacles, uphill battles for direct sales, Elon Musk and Tesla Motors have not only survived and proved the naysayers wrong... but have thrived. Following is a short-list of accomplishments of this amazing Leader and Company.

Steve Jurvetson: I was at a lunch at a Google event, and out of the blue, with no expectation this would be a topic Google founder Larry Page turned to me, knowing a little bit about our connection, said, "You know, how much money do I have in you?" He mentioned a number, and I thought that was cute, um, that he was trying to recall that. He goes "You know, if I were to get hit by a bus today, I should leave all of it to Elon Musk." And I think he looks at you with a bit of envy. Because what he then proceeded to say was "You know, I could.. give my money to a non-profit and a lot less will get done than a corporation that's pursuing things that are directly aligned with things I care about." Like, getting off of oil and colonizing other planets. He believes in those missions. And thinks, that a corporation, endowed with a right to do that as its business purpose is the best vehicle out there. And he wishes he could do more of that in his own life. What could Elon achieve in his lifetime if Larry Page donated a large portion of his wealth to Elon upon his death? (video)

Tesla Timeline

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    One award Tesla Motors never earned:
  • 03/15/08 Zap Battles Tesla Motors for Vaporware Award

Investors & partners: Google co-founders Sergey Brin & Larry Page, Daimler, Toyota, Panasonic, Mercedes-Benz.

If I've overlooked any milestones/awards/honors/etc please reply here and I'll update this list of impressive Tesla Motors accomplishments.

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Great compilation ccbldg!!!! I believe the CR 99/100 test results came the day after the Q1 earnings call in May 2013. Also, wasn't the MT COTY in November of 2012?

JZ: Thanks, updated, I was using magazine publication month

You have first model S delivery as 6/22/11. Should that not be 2012????. Also several of the other 2011, I think should be 2012.

Otherwise great list.

ghillair: Thank you multiple typos in 11, fixed!

Maybe we should start a death-watch tally:
# of auto dealers TM has put out of business: 0, and counting.

It was the first unanimous MT COTY vote in history.

@ccbldg You missed a very important one.
July 21st 2013 Judi took delivery of her very first luxury car.

I'm assuming the type 4th from the bottom is not intentional...

It reads:

02/22/14 Fast Company names Tesla Most Innovative Ccompaniy Overall" and #1 in the Energy

1. Ccompaniy -> Company
2. the " after Overall is a bit confusing

But hey, great list!

I enjoyed looking over the brief yet awesome Tesla history, may they continue to thrive for many centuries.

@Brian, I loved how Elon laughingly commented that "we're trying to get next to the decimal point" (IIRC, he was referring to the next ten years, re: worldwide car sales.)

Brian: It will be a slow death but it's coming.

Zap: Added!

Judi: Done! :)

EE: Fixed, thanks.

Great list! Let's plaster this list all over NJ news outlets!!!

Added today: 02/25/14 Road and Track: Tesla Model S P85 Best Car Under $100,000, only EV on list


Is it worth putting our book on the list "Tesla Model S - Best Car Ever!" ? It was released November 20, 2013. It's not exactly an award, so I'll leave it up to you if you want to include it or not.

Also, not sure if you want to cover the actual start of Tesla. Tesla was incorporated in July 2003.

Added: 07/01/03, 02/12/04 & 10/15/08

TeslaTap: Also added 11/20/13 (with link)

+1 for @Tap

@ccbldg: Thanks for the additions. One note- the book is not a hardback, but a softback. See below for more early times.

@TDurden - Do you mean a graphic like:

It's from my book where I have multiple pages on the entire Tesla timeline. It took way too many hours to make each page in Photoshop, as I didn't find any automatic software to do what I wanted for the timelines. Ok, this is the last shameless plug :)

Don't be ashamed of your shameless plugs. There've been no complaints yet! ---- sweet!

Would be interesting to see a plot of the major events and the market value per share of TSLA on the timeline.

I may have missed it, but where are the dates for the IPO and govt loan payback? These are major financial accomplishments.

IPO: June-2010
DOE Loan payback: May-2013

Personal Timeline for 2 Model S Purchases and Model X Reservation

(BTW, posted March 10th, can't be accused of copying - this at least!)

BG121: Added today: 06/29/10 Tesla Motors launches its initial public offering on NASDAQ. The IPO raised US$226 million (DOE loan payback was already listed @ 05/22/13) Thanks!

Cattledog: Nice blog & a belated Congratulations!

TDurden: Will work on addition of historical stock prices. Agree that infographic would be nice but not an ideal format for this forum.

Historical closing stock prices added for each date. If market was closed on that particular date, next open market day was used.

Added: 06/23/09
Added: Icons

How about adding the first battery fire and the change in warranty to fully cover the battery.
Both very major events.

For some humour the Model T versus the Model S "race" publication. I really want a Tesla car in future.

I can't imagine ever being able to afford a model s but I'm very keen to see gen3 pricing in Australia.
The biggest issue I see at the moment is the issues with the 12V battery. Such amazing tech should not be dragged down by something so mundane. How about 2 physically smaller 12V batteries in the gen3 with individual monitoring?

Like the timeline, don't like that it does not list other founders. Timelines begin to look like revisionism lists down the line if relevant info is left
out. Each of the gentlemen involved are contributors large enought, not to
require editing anyone out. My 50 cents..

A great company, some spats, as they often happen, appreciate Elon's capabilities, choices and energy, but also appreciate those who
started the Tesla roadmap, before they began arguing.

I get that this is supposed to be the fluffy version, with the fun googles
having been on, when making it, but it could be more complete. I don't think
it would take anything away from Elon, if it was. Besides, one of the remaining
things he, or others, or hopefully everyone involved in getting the company
up and running, need to do, is to grow up enough, to mend things and give
each other the well deserved credit for what was achieved.

wmfoster2001, Car t man: Don't want to bog down with each & every detail, if the list is too long, nobody will read. This list was first about accomplishments & accolades but I also later added (what I felt are) milestones.

21/11/2013: Elon Musk Named Businessperson of the Year by 'Fortune'

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