Tesla will pay off our Department of Energy (DOE) loan five years early

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Le 26 février, lors d'un événement organisé par le secrétaire à l'énergie Steven Chu, Elon Musk a annoncé que Tesla rembourserait le prêt du département de l'Énergie (DOE) avec cinq ans d'avance, soit deux fois plus vite que ne l'exigeait l'accord initial de 2010 pour ce prêt signé par Tesla et le DOE.

That's a positive message indeed!

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" Tesla also said in the filing yesterday that sales of so- called Zero-Emission Vehicle credits from its electric cars jumped to $40.5 million last year from $2.7 million in 2011."

It looks like, if they find enough buyers for this year credits, they can pay a big part of the loan by just making the cars.

Good news indeed

Bravo TM!

Good job Tesla!
It's a shame though that a young company which can pull this financial stunt is not able to file it's annual financial report on time.

The DoE's premier (and possibly sole) success!

Well Mitt,
About this "loser" Tesla.....

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