Tesla's Next 3 Announcements

Elon hinted that Tesla would make three major announcements over the coming weeks:

1. Supercharger Network
2. Service
3. Mystery..."But if you're driving a Model S, it's right under your nose."

What do you think he means by #3?

Was this from today's conference call?

Betty Liu interview on Bloomberg, very end of call.

Your mouth is right under your nose, so I guess voice command for everything possible.

End of video, sorry.

Voice commands is prob right. Here's to hoping its parking sensors or at least an option for them for existing owners.

Under my nose, eh? I m gazing down right now...

I got it. Vibrating and massaging seats like the ones in the mall.

Sorry, kidding. I am in a great mood after my fast hilly drive in my TMS.

I think he means the battery. I dont know what they will announce, but it might be the battery.

Ejection seats and lasers

Maybe something with the display?

Right under our nose implies it's already in the car. It just needs to be activated. So my guesses are:

1) Improved range via software upgrade
2) Activation of wifi
3) Activation of 4g service in the car
4) Improved performance via software upgrade (i.e. quicker acceleration)

Eliminating the left and right side view mirrors. Replaced with small cameras that display on the dash behind steering wheel.

Cuts down on drag.

1. "We've made a lot more progress on the Supercharger front than most... people realize" - Yes! Wonder if this is referring to new locations or the 120 kV step change.

2. Service - People have already bought service plans, not sure what they might change here.

3. I think voice control makes a lot of sense...

No replacing mirrors, please. Cameras can have glitches.
It is easier for me to orient myself with a mirror than a camera image.

I'll go with activation of the WiFi and announcement of data plan pricing. Maybe activation of the Media Center flash memory storage too.

2 Service - not the plans... Service itself needs help, needs to be organized.

JZ13 - I'd do back flips for any and all of those...

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