Test drive In Norway, minus 7 Celsius, tons of snow, ice, Bergen - Oslo, 500 km drive

Just one huge success :) Period. !!!

Over here we use spesial tyres for winter use, some with studs, some not.....

You should write a letter to the The New York Times about your 500 km drive from Bergen to Oslo. And ask them to print your letter in their newspaper, so that everybody can read it. And I hope that Mr. Broder will read your letter as well. Maybe he will learn something about how to drive a Tesla EV.


Fabulous news! Where can we learn more?

Do you have some details?

You really should write about you experience in the Tesla Model S.

By the way, are you that guy who came to the stage in Oslo to tell about his drive from Bergen to Oslo (when Elon Musk and George Blankenship were there). His name was Frederik, I believe. He also drove from Bergen to Oslo. I am not sure, just asking.

Fredrik Hauge is this guy:

I think Fastwalker is referring to said trip. Which I do believe had a stop-over at Geilo?

Ferdinand Motors did a Bergen - Hemsedal trip, which was roughly 300km with 69 to spare. Bergen - Oslo in one go is a bit much, sadly.

One supercharger would fix that issue, though.

Also note that the Bergen-Hemsedal trip means going over a 1300m mountain pass and ending up 650 meters higher than the starting point. Takes a lot of energy lifting a 2 ,1 ton car 650 meters up.. Makes the numbers even more impressive.

Correct , his name is Frederik :) i can tell you guys, Tesla is HUGE news over here... I may call New York Times about this :) By the way, they needed to closed the Geilo road due to some heavy snow storm this week !

Thank you for keeping us updated. It is fun to feel the excitement a second time!

One guy had a test drive in Oslo and the print out indicated 710 km in total (an experienced EV driver)....... By the way, anyone here familier with the term nano wire battery tech ? (X5 range)......

Wasn't that in a Roadster? I don't believe any MSes are in private hands there yet.

The mod S ! In fact the very first mod S to arrive here...the deler innskot !

Worry there, iPad error caused by norwegian keyboard :)

Sorry there, iPad error caused by norwegian keyboard :)

Brian H: Ferdinand motors in Bergen has the first one. It's a US-model which they imported privately.

How did Ferdinand manage to get the car approved by Norwegian vehicle devision? And battery warranty? seems to have a couple of decent used Model S lined up for sale (approx 100K $), which could be an option for those who are a little late in the game, and planning a new car for the summer....

MCB: No idea. Call them if you're interested. All warranties would be against Tesla US, as that's where the car was bought, I'd guess.

Thanks. Its really tempting!! I have seen a lease option on, but their out of "stock" for the moment... If anyone has an idea on how to speed up the process, that will make me very happy! :)

On importing US-spec to Norway, I would generally advise against it, although your mileage may vary. :)

First; the EU-model will come with a 3-phase charger, the US-version has only 1-phase.
Second; the EU-model will have CHAdeMO-capabilites (according to Musk/GB)
Third; if you order a car now, you'll have it late autumn.

I wouldn't go for a non-EU-car just to get it a few months early.

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