They circled the US in their Tesla, 60kWh version no less!

nice read

ah, and the guy is 6'5", says it's comfortable for him driving, AND sleeping!

I'd love to do a trip like this.

I wish I had the time and money to do that, it would be a blast!

Planning a trip from the East coast to Model S heaven, CA but I'll wait for more superchargers in flyover country. The bucket list is short, a few books I've been meaning to read and visiting all the west coast superchargers. I'll pass on the shearing of animals.

Wow what an amazing trip. The article is a great read. I'd love to know more about how they did all that charging.

Met him by chance at the Portland Tesla Service center. Real nice guy. Amazing story.

They took a really big risk . . . Sitting on the frunk.

Yes, packs of wolves have been known to viciously attach anyone who did that..

Packs of wolves avoid humans. Attacks are unknown in North America. Attaching is another matter, though. Mooching wolves?

I'm more worried about a frunk crease.

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