TxDOT Low emissions insignia

Anyone ever seen one of these? Supposed to allow HOV access. I'm sure the S qualifies:) I just don't think TxDOT has ever done this.

"Note: Hybrid vehicles with single occupants are not allowed in HOV lanes."

this may only apply to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area but excerpt is above. I could not find TXDOT HOV rules for the state but seemed like each county had their own.

I saw that but then:

Section 224.153 Seems to say that the insignia isn't required but:

But I guess that bill will supersede if it passed.

Good find Chris. I guess we have to wait for that bill to pass and txdot to make a new rule on who gets in the hov. Personally, I think they care way more about building more toll roads than this.

Oh they're doing that all right. I think its not even Texas building them but a Spanish company.

Yeah, I had heard that as well. How embarrassing for our state...

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