Update today

Just got an update. When I came to the car, I was in a tearing hurry, and certainly didn't have the time to start reading the screen.

How do I access what was done to the car??? Where can I find the info, after the picture was clicked away?


tap the Tesla logo - there you should find the version number and update info.

Thank you!


Which version did you get?!

on the edge of my seat!

Would they update some cars and not others? Shouldn't everyone have received the same one the OP is speaking of?

Latest update fixes the window getting stuck on molding when door opens.

The release notes actually say, there were minor bug fixes and the release notes are from the previous version.

Sooooo, the windows are controlled by the/a computer? Then whats the point of physical window switches. Why not have that on the big screen, like the sunroof?

Come on Robert!! What's version is it???

If Robert got 6, we won't be hearing from him until he's done playing!

@jordanrichard the software controls how much the windows "dip" when the car is opened on the frameless door. There was an adjustment so that the windows no longer stick.

Oh, whoops I forgot about that dipping feature. Never mind.....

Robert must be having some special quiet time with v6.

I was at the service center today and my car got updated to 5.8.7 (1.49.84), was told 6 is coming.

Can't wait for V6 and the lower gate finally to be over. I love the current setting and never want to be forced back into the old crap.

Yes, but what is 6 coming with?

Hey, c'mon, fellas, I'm a working man and cannot sit every second with my eyes glued to the Forum.

The version is 6.2.3 and does contain some novelties, except restoring the suspension also some other tidbits, like

- direct internet access to fixed speed cameras, immobilizing the shutter;
- automatic parking - just leave the car and it parks itself along the curb;
- free subscription to Netflix;
- automatic aural and screen speed advisor how to reach your programmed goal with the present tank;
- screening incoming calls to sort away non-approved numbers;
- automatically immobilising the car, if tires don't match the weather.

Not bad. Elon must be reading the Forum.


>> - direct internet access to fixed speed cameras, immobilizing the shutter;


DId Tesla include the feature to make it an electric FLYING car? A supersonic, vertical takeoff and landing electric FLYING car?


Misunderstanding! That's not the car - it is Teslair, a newly set up company looking for investors.

Anyway, I now found out that the Netflix application is disabled at speeds over 30 mph (50 kmph). Oh, can't have everything.


'automatically immobilising the car, if tires don't match the weather.'

How does car decide that? It is possible but not common here to have below 0 C temp during summer night. Day max can be above 30 C. So winter tires are not good for summer and with summer tires car might stop at night... In north Norway they have similar situation. Snow on mountains and 30 C (?) in valleys. This sounds very bad idea.

If it uses ABS and traction control to measure grip, then it is not so bad. Could still cause problems. At 2 am in Norwegian mountains car refuses to move before winter tires are mounted...

Last October or November we got frost on road (-5 -10 C, don't remember). I started with summer tires. When I got to paved road, I slammed brakes to test grip. I was prepared to turn home if needed. I would not have driven to next hill to find out, if I need a tow-car to get home:) Grip was similar or better than icy road with winter tires. So no problem, if driving carefully. Summer tires are not all similar. Rubber hardens with time. So new tires are better than old ones. You have to test yourself.

Can you confirm that you can set speed and ride height thresholds manually? And that the car stays in whatever mode you set manually?

Your ranting made you a beta tester for Tesla it seems :)

No, everyone doesn't get it at once. It's one chunk of the owners at a time, based on a secret algorithm.

It'll be distributed to those who drive the most efficient first...

I don t understand the speed camera/shutter thinggy

Great test robert! I can see that you are testing to see how gullible the Americans are. And there sure seems to be enough of them.

Robert is proving that he CAN be funny...

Heya Sverige!

well done!

This newest update also makes it possible to change stock all season tires to function like winter tires via the touchscreen. Thus, Robert can stop ranting about stupid Americans driving in winter conditions without proper winter tires. And in Sweden, should you have an accident, all you would have to do is prove to "the authorities" that you actually had activated the winter tires...

Robert, I can't wait to test the parking feature. Did it also update the phone app? I'd love to have it drive 'round and pick me up at the door.

Ah, bugger, I feel so found out...

5.8.7 (1.49.84) is what I got. Haven't checked it out yet, but suspension lowering is not part of it.

And, I am not ranting. I am RAVING.

I'm pretty sure that's the one that automatically disconnects you from a Supercharger when the car determines that you have enough juice to get to your next destination and another car is waiting.

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