Veil G4. Has anybody applied Veil G4 to a Model S?

I am excited that I will be able to use the HOV lane when my Model S arrives. However, in my daily commute, the Highway Patrol routinely uses LIDAR on the HOV lane. I am concerned that the power of the MS will lead to some exuberant driving! When combined with the silent motor I can foresee going faster than I realized and getting caught with Laser. I am planning on applying the Veil G4 laser blocking coating, but I would like to know if anyone has already tried this and if they had any problems.

Yes, it's the car's fault. Curse you Elon for demanding performance from your engineers!

Jeez, you want HOV and exuberant driving? Clue: use cruise control. It's a commute, not a pleasure drive.

@BrianH. - Thanks for your helpful comment. I bought this car to turn a boring commute into a pleasure drive. You are welcome to keep yours on cruise control if you want. I am looking forward to using the performance that this car delivers.

I detect a conflict of interest between you and the highway dept. ;p
What many are doing is deliberately lengthening their commutes using side roads and routes.

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