Volvo copying Model S huge touchscreen

9" is not huge.

It looks so small which is dangerous to precisely touch your finger on the screen while driving at 133mph.

Looks like it still has physical "button or knob located along the bottom of the touchscreen."

I could count 3 on left, 3 on right and there's something like a joystick at bottom center.

Given the apple rumours of working with Volvo and Mercedes, rumoured to be announced this week.... Does that look like an iPad?

Is this for dwarves, because I don't even think this comes close to copying the MS. I think my iPad is bigger than this...

Shows the new trend !!!

(LMB spouse)

@Tam - Per the link provided by the OP, the large knob is a volume control.

If this is a copy of Model S, it's a poor copy.

Looks like a 10" tablet not a 17" touchscreen.

Its measurement is listed as 9".

actually,if you want to buy some huge touch screen, here is a good choice"

A new product would could convert your TV or Monitor into a multi-touch screen. No complex assembly, just pick it up and cover it to the display's surface. Bingo... You got it!

Hmmm, mine is longer and bigger than yours...

Now, now, Mat. Gloating isn't polite.

@NoMoDinos - My caveman brethren haven't learned that lesson yet. Perhaps in a million years or two?

It is in an ICE, irrelevant! They might as well put a touchscreen on a horse and buggy.

An aftermarket job looks better than this config!

Minimum size 40". Don't think so!

The Apple Carplay looks pretty sweet on that touchscreen though.
Imagine what it could look like on a 17" one...

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