When will we get UK deliveries?

I compiled a posting on this topic already and when I tried to post it the site crashed.
I have been given the run around about the date of delivery, being told first April 2014, then May 2014 when I designed the car, then recently when I checked again that date had slipped to June, but I was assured there would be no further delays, and I insisted that I should be given notice of any if they should occur.
Now when I check MyTesla I see that the delivery date has been put back to august, without any communication with me, or explanation.
Sadly I have already sold my much loved Ampera because Tesla don't take trade-ins, and I am driving an old wreck.
This is very poor customer service, and I am beginning to lose my enthusiasm for this product.
I don't like being treated like a mushroom.
Audoen Healy

Thanks for the clarification. I looked up those Type 2 plugs. They're not as sexy as the US Tesla plugs. Are they compatible with supercharging, or do you have a second port for that? This is really off topic, but it's related, because if you have to have two plugs, then that's a whole redesign of body panels and reflector/light packages.

I understand why it took a while to move into the UK market.

derp. ...critically important because third party kit is never going to have a Tesla plug on it.

By supercharging, I mean DC fast charging - like Chademo.

Excellent question. In fact, the socket on a EU/UK Model S is not a Type 2 socket, but it is compatible with a Type 2 plug (i.e. you can plug any Type 2 kit into it).

However I think it can accommodate deeper/longer/fatter pins, so that when it meets a Supercharger, which is equipped with a Tesla-specific extra-deep/fat-pinned plug it can handle the 400A DC.

There's just the one charge port, in the same location as US cars, though the larger connector means that there's no room for the LED lighting around the socket; the charging lights are to the right of the charge door.

Looks like this:

I think people in Europe who have their cars have been through a bit of a trial regarding charging (just as early owners in the US went through all sorts of trials about all sorts of things!) because the different standards and restrictions have caused all sorts of grief. European cars are currently restricted by firmware to lower charging rates due to some hardware issues I believe.

So on the one hand it's frustrating that the UK is still waiting for cars, but on the other hand I think we'll get the benefits of what has been learned from Europe.

I've just noticed (when going to get that picture) that the charging page on the Tesla UK website has vanished - they are obviously rewriting it...

@Audoen if you already have 3 phase then a) I am jealous and b) get yourself a!/~/product/category=9061310&id=35424006 (and an electrician to fit it).

Maybe it's the sensitivity of your own parts that's more of a concern than the electronics, especially if you are "snagging them".
What exactly are you shaving?
Seriously though, I'm a bit if a novice for all these three and four letter acronyms.
What is a UMC?
Is this equivalent to the standard plugged charging cable I had on my Ampera (Chevvy Volt) that I could plug straight into any mains 13a socket?
What is a EVSE?
What is HPWC?

UMC = Universal Mobile Connector. So far, supplied by Tesla with each Model S. Smart cable that enables you to plug the car into a variety of sockets in your local country. Surprisingly, not being supplied in the UK (so for example Tesla will not sell you anything that lets you plug a Model S into a plain old 13A socket).

EVSE = Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment = slightly intelligent charger. The Tesla UMC is an EVSE (rather than just being a cable it has smart electronics in it; it communicates with the car etc). You cannot charge a Model S without an EVSE - there's no way to just run a dumb cable from a mains socket into it.

HPWC = High Powered Wall Connector = Tesla's permanent EVSE designed to be installed in garages. Very useful in the US where they let you charge at much higher rates than through the UMC. Not available in the UK yet.

Apparently AFTER China.

Just a curiousity...
Will MS's (British versions) be able to readily charge if they take a trip across the Channel - and vice versa?

Second - anyone do a tour of the factory lately and spy a RHD Tesla?

@hsadler yes and yes.

EU and UK cars have the same charging sockets (and they're even on the same side of the car). The one fly in the ointment is that the French seem determined to install chargers using Type 3 sockets (which are weird ugly things) so UK owners will probably need to buy a Type 2 to Type 3 cable.

And yes, one RHD Model S has been spied in the factory car park, and another in the UK (a development prototype that's currently touring around testing out charging point compatibility).

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good portable EVSE that would allow charging through 13A sockets? And commando plugs too.

Will the commando plugs hurt if I go commando?

Only if you try to connect to them.

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