Why do these live feeds never work?

I have never been able to view these videos of Tesla live events. Is there anyone who has it up?

Worked great for me over here in Berlin, Germany.

I have been sitting here since 3:30 EDT, then I waited till 6:30 EDT and it is now 7:18 EDT. Nothing, Tesla needs to have this hosted by a You Tube or someone.

Is it over, is it still showing?

Saw it all worked great for me.

Worked great. iPad to AppleTv to 55" Sammy.

wbrown01, the live stream started on 3:25 p.m. PDT(!). It was a little more than half an hour, it's over now.

Thanks, this sucks. I stayed home from work to watch this

Fire whoever is in charge of the site. Seriously, no excuse. Probably cost tsla 100M in market cap today by feeding the idea you guys can't deliver. I'm a reservation holder. I love tesla. Incredibly upset and disappointed you can't stream a video. Fire the idiot.

Congratulations to the IT team on this webcast. Unlike the others which were disasters, it was rock solid, and looked great.

Wherever the problems you had might have been, I don't think it was Tesla's fault. I watched it from a hotel room with a mifi, and it was just fine.

No problem here; site was open onscreen early, and the music started at 3:30 PDT on the dot. And the rest was fine, with occasional slight buffer twitches, nothing serious.

Issue wasn't Tesla.

We streamed it via my husbands Droid to our TV.

Grainy but great!!!!

I was only able to see begins at 3:30PDT for 1:00 and a black screen with no sound.

At 4:30PDT it loaded the live stream which said the Live Stream is now over check back for a recording.

Didn't see or hear a thing.

Watched from start to finish on my iMAC
No problem

The live video feed worked fine on both an iPad and the iMac. The iMac started automatically with the Adobe Flash. The iPad feed was delayed, so I did exit and reenter to attempt to sync live. The iPad was still about 10 to 20 seconds behind the iMac feed.

I would expect that Tesla will post the video as they have done in the past. Having Governor Brown visit the factory building made for an entertaining event. George Blankenship did a enthusiastic job of hosting the delivery.

All the best to Tesla and those who get their test drives in the next month. Looking forward to visiting Fashion Island when they are able to offer a Model S test drive.

Worked for me in the north country (Canada).

It worked fine for me using an iMac with Comcast internet over cable service to a wired ethernet network.

Brought up the page about an hour before the live stream. The player loaded and then just sat there until the streaming began. No problems viewing the whole event. BTW, a Red Sig being delivered to Palo Alto, CA had the front license plate holder installed. It was on the nose cone and didn't look too bad at all.

I had no problem viewing the web cast, pixilated but viewable.

Worked perfectly in my iPad in Sydney Australia

Worked well for me in office on PC in California.

Steven thanks for mentioning the license plate now I really want to see it. Living in Texas mine will ha e a front plate as well. I noticed when they delivered the founders cars no front plates were there. I was expecting them to be there because he works and I assumed lives in California.

It worked fine for me on my Mac and iPad. I think those that had problems need to look inward!

No problems here, regret not taking screen shots of the front plate on the Sig Red behind George however!

Worked fine on my iMac in Sydney Australia - hard wired network to Internet. Good quality too.

Worked perfect from Canada somewhere up north in the country over wifi... sound was low though but picture was good. Had a good time showing it to my kids and wife.

Worked fine for me too.

Worked for me on my Mac, but not on my iphone

Do they have a video uploaded? I want to see the replay

Worked for me this time IE7
I want to see the replay

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