Will Tesla be around in 3-5 years

In today world can car company still be around. Tesla is a started up company and to be successful in the future it need have a good distribution and supply chain to grow. Not easy in today world. Yes you can maybe for a small company to produce 20,000 to 100,000 and still be around but for how long. What I see Elon Musk is going to sell his company in the future. Or Telsa is going to go down. In today world where little company's are bought up by big company's. That how I see Tesla is going to survive. You need cash flow and or you not going to survive. Every small car company is own by a big major car company. Telsa has 250 patents for the electric car and what I see Elon is going to sell and make alot of money like he did with Paypal. Will Telsa 8 years warranties be honored by a take over. Who knows. Lots of major company's are starting to make electric cars. BMW and Mercedes are all ready doing that. Mercedes own 10% of Tesla. Only time will tell if I'm right or wrong. But I bed Elon Musk is going to sell.

@ Pungoteague_Dave

It's good that you have retracted your prior view (after having read Elon Musk's Blog). I appreciate that.

Generubin, thanks. I was slow in putting in my 2cents

P.D, sorry I was late on my rant.. Glad you have left the dark side.

Their 2 side to a story and the plan truth. Only god know the truth. I don't trust the reporter and Elon Musk story. I was not there in the car to see what happen and Elon data mean nothing if he was not in the car too. Computers are not perfect so Elon data I can't trust. He has a lot to lose if he put what really happen. One thing I know batteries lose range when it's cold.

Tesla worked so hard to get this far, do you think they would want to sell out and see the project die (or become another boring, generic brand of some other lame manufacturer). They would have to be pretty retarded to make that decision, which fortunately they are not, as they prove on a regular basis each time they amaze us.

As for cash flow, they have a virtually endless source of cash if they need it, which involves issuing more shares, as long as there are believers like us who really wish to see this company succeed.

Like I noted, I read in Q3 report that there are poison pills in place with actually make a takeover very unlikely. Smart and essential measure for the situation they are in, about to disrupt a major, multi-billion dollar industry, while the "incumbents" are mostly setting around, watching helplessly, probably wishing they could just buy TM to forget about their nightmare (from their perspective, but dream to ours).

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