Wow, the car was a Rock Star at the Nissan Dealership!!

The wife and I had a little time to kill before picking up one of our kids at camp. I heard about the Nissan Leaf $199/month lease deal, so I thought we would go look at it as a possible "kid shuttle." (Tired of the wife going through a tank of gas a week in the Suburban driving the kids all over town).

Anyway, I pull up to the front of the dealership, and two salesmen that were already outside immediately take notice and start asking questions. We eventually made it inside and were looking at the Leaf in the showroom. I look through the glass at my car outside, and it was surrounded by Salesmen, managers, and even guys from the service department. They were taking pictures with their phones, and with real cameras. They got fingerprints all over the glass as they were all looking into the windows at the interior as well. I ended up talking to a lot of them. One of them said he would buy me a drink in exchange for a spin. I told him after I test drove the Leaf, I would be happy to take them for a drive. When I got back, two of the lucky guys climbed into the MS with me. They were blown away. I even let one of them drive it back to the dealership. I was shocked to see the front of the Leaf packed with as much stuff under the hood as an ICE. I popped the Frunk on the MS and enjoyed the stunned look on their faces, and explained that the motor is between the rear wheels. Bottom line - the car was a HUGE hit. There are very few Teslas in Salt Lake City, so this was the first one any of them had ever seen, and I don't think they were expecting it to be as good as it is.

P.S. - We have a Model X reserved, so the Leaf was going to be a potential non-snow day car to minimize use of the Suburban until the Model X arrives. But if you go for the Leaf SV or SL, it looks like it will be $300/month or more, in addition to a down payment. More expensive than just using the Suburban. Plus, we don't have garage space for another car, so parking was going to be a problem if we added the Leaf to our fleet. Probably won't get it, but I would love to hear from Leaf owners about how much they like, or don't like, their car.

I had the same experience while leasing a Ford Focus Electric for my son. BTW, the Focus is a great little car, very solid, only 80 mi range, which is fine for my son's commute to City College nearby. With $3k down, $268/mo payment on a 3-yr lease, a good deal, I think.

Anyway, at the dealership at one point there were 6 salesmen ogling the S and peppering me with questions about it. It was like being a Model-T owner in a buggy-whip store. I felt a little sorry for those guys.

I love the Leaf. Used it for 18 mos 20k miles before getting the MS. Now the wife is driving it until the MX is produced. The only service so far has been tire rotations and a one year battery check which Nissan does at their expense. I haven't had any noticeable decrease in driving range either. I'm glad the price is coming down. I think it would be a great car for kids.

"Tesla, the grown-up's grown-up EV." ;)

The kids should ride Fred Flinstone style.

Electric bicycles are also a good alternative in metro cities.

I also love the Leaf. We're keeping it, as my wifes car. So in a couple of months we will have no ICE cars anymore :)

It's a very nice car for doing errands and tooling around town. Easy to drive and to park (I recommend getting the version with a reversing camera).

I just visited a Nissan dealer. All the salesmen gathered around my MS. One got in and asked me to give his a ride. I did. They were all googly-eyed for about 10 mins.

And then I finally got to test drive a Leaf. I like the car. Our goal is to be gas-free. However, I think I'll wait until next year to purchase. $25K in tax credits will be hard for me to absorb in 3 years (state and federal) and I don't want to waste them.

I went to Nissan dealership in fremont (looking for EV for inlaws). Pretty much same experience ... everyone comes out to see and drool at tesla. But the leaf is a pretty great EV at the price point. The new terms with price drop make it a pretty compelling choice. Just glad EV is finally hitting a tipping point. Can't wait until we don't need ICE at all.

I had a similar experience at a Toyota dealership today. I went there to get a safety inspection (required in VA) and since they have pretty good service when I take my Prius there, I decided to go to them for the inspection. I expected to turn a few heads, but I couldn't believe the response the MS got. I pulled into the service bay and immediately had 3 Toyota workers at the car looking at it and asking questions. When I went over to the service office, I had only stood there talking to the rep for a few minutes when I turned back around and there were 9 Toyota workers around the car, half of them with their cell phones out taking pictures.

We love our Leaf. My wife replaced an ICE car by about Five months ago . I get my model S this Friday. Have electrical installed yesterday. No more ICE cars!


We love our Leaf. My wife replaced an ICE car by about Five months ago . I get my model S this Friday. Have electrical installed yesterday. No more ICE cars!


We love our Leaf. My wife replaced an ICE car by about Five months ago . I get my model S this Friday. Have electrical installed yesterday. No more ICE cars!


Once was enough. Once was enough. Once was enough.

I couple of months ago, I went with my other half to drop off his Nissan car at the dealership for service. His service coordinator came out to see the Model S--very interested and impressed. :-)

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