100,000 Signatures Reached on White House Petition...

...Now we wait again for a response!

Re: Bloomberg News:
Editor gave me another reporter’s name and e-mail address (initials A.O.) to discuss our situation. Many, many apologies from Bloomberg. This reporter is their “Tesla” reporter. Will keep you informed of our discussion/ e-mail.

Bubba2000 | July 2, 2013
Can we continue adding signatures? May be reach 1,000,000 over time? Is there a way to form a PAC gather $$$ from shareholders, current and car owners? Then lobby to pressure the local governments? Tesla can run the PAC. Focus those resources in decisive states? May be lobby the DOJ at the Federal level? I would rather see the DOJ spend their money to uphold interstate commerce. That why they pay taxes to the Feds.

Anybody here will connections to PAC, lobby biz? Any lawyers in the house who can advise on how to make DOJ to move?

We got to cut the car dealers to size and not let them extort the country.

Nice to see, in Alpha order: Atlantacourier, ENGINEER, jonexander, Samo Sam and Tombi_ger. The pace of the signatures has basically stopped! We need Fresh ideas, more signatures, more people? We need help to cover signatures that may be "thrown out".

About 200 to go and we take over #7 position

Yeah! There we go! Forget the 100,000. Let's reach for the 7th place position. Tesla people are the best! :)

So, to allay some fears, since this isn't voting and the 100,000 number is arbitrary, I expect they don't do a lot of diligence on the signatures. The goal of these petitions is to simply garner a response from the administration and is not in any way tied to legislation (or even the legislative branch!).

That being said, given the administration's current push for a green energy economy, this does indeed give them an excuse to bring up a DOE loan success story while pushing for free markets and free trade without beating up on unions...a good win should they choose to leverage it!

Tesla asked for help to obtain 100,000 signatures. They must be very happy that it happened so quickly. Let us hope that this momentum does not slow or stop, but continues to break records.

No definition was ever established as to what was/is a valid signature. Therefore there can be no invalid signatures. Even if there were such a definition, no one would have legal standing to challenge signatures until and unless this somehow ended up in a courtroom. No worry, won't happen.

Rather than charging off in all directions, we could wait until Tesla again asks for our help. Meanwhile we can all help to keep our local politicians and media about this terrific display of public opinion.

Lawrence O'Donnell is having a segment on Texas and Tesla tonite.

There is a distessing theme to this and much public discourse about our President. The proper address when refering to the President is: President Barack Obama or Barack Obama, President of the United States. Or do some call him simply obama because he is black or just out of political disrespect for the man, the man's race or for the office he is elected. He was elected by a majority of Americans of all races to the office of President, and the man and the office are deserving of the respect afforded to all Presidents, past and present. Thank you, Mr. President, for your consideration of our important petition.

+1 dr bob

bmrealmccoy@gma... | JULY 2, 2013
For those concerned I don't believe the petition will garner new legislation, however maybe it can be the start of a wake up call for the dealer associations to back off and let Tesla determine its own future. The petition is great publicity for Tesla as well and brings attention to a growing company.

Lawrence O'Donnell really did a nice segment for Tesla & the petition tonight.

Idea: We are hosting our annual 4th of July party for family & friends. No one will be served hamburgers/hotdogs or drinks until they sign the petition. ha...

Too much??

Jackie :-)

mcx-sea: Signatures for the petition did not happen quickly. The Petition started June 5th by K.S of Stow MA. This forum became a work force of Social Media to get the "sign the petition" word out. Read the 28 page blog "Petition to allow Tesla to sell in all States". Everyone of us shared ideas, notified everyone we knew. People in other countries signed the Petition. Tesla didn't send out the e-mail until WE had 85,000 signatures. Did your wift sign the Petition?

My Bad: Wife

Yes, I did. My husband also signed.


Thanks, your the Best! :)

Oh! You forgot to give us your address of your annual 4th of July party so we can also bring our friends who have not yet signed the Petition. lol

Ops.....did I leave out my address? :-))))

We received the first Tesla email at 36,000 signatures received, then a second email once 85,000 received.

Great job on the petition!


David Trushin:
Kevin R:
Lawrence O'Donnell: good segment for Tesla & the petition tonight.

105,015 July 2 11:15 pm CST

Offering the president a test drive is small thinking, big thinking is offering the President a car. The department of Homeland security just last month put out to tender the rights to build the next "Beast" the President's personal limousine. I hope Tesla bid on it, what a coup that would be, and with the amount of time the thing sits at VERY low speeds on almost universally short range trips or idled awaiting the president in case a rapid escape is necessary an EV would suit perfectly. Not to mention the lack of fumes or any combustible fuel adds security and safety factors not possible in an ICE.

July 03

Lawrence O’Donnell:
Tesla deserves the ‘free flow of commerce’

Electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors wants to sell its prized Model S in as many places as it can, but a complex web of state laws made to protect local car dealerships is putting the brakes on their plans.

In Virginia, for example, Tesla has a gallery to show off its new car, but thanks to state law no potential customers are allowed to buy one there. The company is struggling with similar bans in North Carolina, Texas, Minnesota, and New York.

The relationships between car manufacturers and local dealers are old and entrenched. “Automakers book cars as sold once they leave for the sales lots and in return provide the retailers with financing,” writes Reuters’ Antony Currie. “Over time, the practice has been enshrined in laws across the 50 states.” With dealerships and dealership headquarters all across the country, their political clout is widespread.

“Think about how crazy that is,” said Lawrence O’Donnell in his Rewrite on Tuesday. “Think about it while holding your phone. Here’s an iPhone. You can buy it directly from the manufacturer, Apple. You can do that online at Apple’s website or you can walk into one of Apple’s beautiful stores, palaces of electronic temptation, and buy one over the counter, and chat up a Genius while you’re at it. Or you can buy one at Best Buy or all sorts of independent stores and online vendors. There’s no limit to how many different ways you can legally buy a new iPhone in this country. That’s the American way. Except when it comes to cars.”

Public frustration with Tesla’s struggles has found an outlet on the White House’s website, where a petition was started to “allow Tesla Motors to sell directly to consumers in all 50 states.” As of Tuesday, the petition exceeded the 100,000 vote threshold required to get a response from the White House.

“Tesla is as close as we’ve come to an automotive miracle,” O’Donnell said, “but it will take an even greater miracle for America’s hypocritical anti-free market state legislators and governors to stop using their regulatory powers to crush innovators who compete with the businesses that–through campaign contributions and, no

@Docrob - great suggestion.

But sorry I can't resist ...
...and the Secret Service has the perfect rear facing seats to monitor the area behind the car.

@amprealtor Shares are already up. I got in at 28. Hehe. :)

I think the petition to POTUS is one of the steps need to counter NADA/car dealers. We need a grass roots action to push the Feds to enforce the provisions of interstate commerce that would allow Tesla to sell autos directly to the consumer. May be we can continue addition signatures to the petition till we get a really large number. Not sure if that is possible. In the end, the government will have to listen to the numbers.

Elon Musk has to take that leadership role, may be start a PAC... raise funds directly from shareholders or even car owners on a voluntary basis. Use the funds to lobby the Federal Government, DOJ, etc to enforce the laws in this regard. Fundamentally, the POTUS is predisposed to support the BEV and other green tech. He is not a fan of the oil companies.

In the final analysis, it is up to Tesla to innovate its technology and production:
1. Optimize the design of the Model S/X and the invest in automation of its factory. Reduce supply chain costs. Economies of scale should bring the cost of P85 loaded to no more than $65k. Less for S85 and S60 (close to $40k). This will drive explosive demand. The consumer will vote with their money.
2. Range sells - Got to have the 500 mile battery. Folks will pay.
3. Supercharge deployment - Tesla needs to spend the 150k per station with 6 chargers - fast. Can install the solar panels later. 500 stations would cost just $75M. Would cover the interstate highways and major state highways in US and most of populated Canada. I figure they would be 75-100 miles apart.
4, Tesla has to continue improving the design to reduce weight with superior alloys (take off 1,000 lbs!) to extend range, improve handling, etc. They have to improve quality with issues like tire wear/alignment, door handles, door trunk alignments, and other quality issues.
5. Tesla has to add value with smart cruise control, park assist, collision avoidance, lane assist, etc. All without jacking up the price. Some of these price increases are being to be annoying.

Ultimately NADA will be swept in the dustbin of history with compelling products from Tesla priced for the mass market as well as hi end. I think Elon Musk is a force of nature, like Henry Ford, Edison, etc and will succeed.

106,263 8:40 am CST - We are in 6th position

Remember to copy and paste and send to state and federal reps on July fifth. Overwhelm their emails with the front page numbers of this petition.

Lets keep trying for more signitures. We are only 20,000 form the number 3 spot!

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