100,000 Signatures Reached on White House Petition...

...Now we wait again for a response!

107,620 2:00 pm CST - 6th position (1,357 signatures since 8:40 am CST)

@ Dr. Bob Reinke, who is disrespecting the President? Are you saying that there is some specific, mandated way that we are supposed to refer to the President, and if we don't specifically refer to him that way, we are either disrespecting him or we are racist? That sounds a bit extreme, in my opinion. Did you feel this way when people called George W Bush all kinds of things? For the same reason I will never pledge allegiance to any flag as part of a nationalistic oath, I will also not let anyone tell me how to refer to my Prez - the one I voted for twice. We don't need the terminology police, do we?

@ Bubba2000, I wouldn't get my hopes up for a 500 mile battery. Elon has already said that Gen 3 will have 200 mile range, so if that's their long term strategy then there will never be a 500 mile battery. By the time Gen 3 rolls out, there will be a national infrastructure of superchargers that will be well within a 200 mile range. That's how they are going to keep the cost of Gen 3 down - give it a smaller battery which, by then, will be far cheaper to produce than today. I've seen the Model S battery (not sure which size) estimated to cost as much as $30,000-$40,000 in its current incarnation. Those kinds of economics would make a Gen 3 impossible.

As far as I've read, TM is most likely already at or below $200/kWh for the battery (e.g. $17,000 for 85kWh), leaving configuration/packaging cost aside. They order in the range of ~160-200M battery cells from Panasonic this year (for 21K cars), gives them a good position for price negotations on high volume deliveries. Just my guess.

@ tobi_ger, that's good news for sure and hopefully will make Gen 3 possible with a longer range.

Since automobile sales are regulated at a state level, what if anything can the President or his cabinet actually do in terms of policy to allow Tesla to sale directly to consumers?

For the record I signed the petition when it was around 20 thousand signatures. I am just wondering if anyone has any viable outcomes to getting the 100 thousand signatures level other than this topic getting national attention.

I believe there was a petition for the government to build a Deathstar that got over 100,000 votes. The White House officially responded and said no Deathstar.

That would be funny if the White House response would be "no direct sale". I would make my way from CA to join the picketing in the MS.

Our Petition has opened up a “Pandora’s Box”. 100,000+ signatures means the President has to make a decision or assign the Attorney General to discuss the judgment of determining the Constitutionality of interstate commerce. Whoever wrote the Petition was brilliant in their simplicity of the wording. The U.S. Constitution is behind the wording of the Petition.
Petition is Phase 1. I talked to the reporter at Bloomberg News today.
108,245: 7:00 pm CST : #6th on the Petitions. (5,402 signatures to being # 5)

" Tesla has to continue improving the design to reduce weight with superior alloys (take off 1,000 lbs!)"

Subtracting that much from the aluminum frame would leave metal the thickness of tissue paper, and not much stronger.

Oh come on. It just simply means there is a level of interest, and a feeling of right vs wrong. This in and of itself will not change anything much. But it will provide one more free view to the Tesla reality. Free advertising if you must. More people will know the name. I think the real guy to go after is Biden. As he travels the country all of us should offer him a free ride (test drive??) and lunch and a 30 min conversation on the wave of the future. Fire that guy up and there's no telling ...

I believe that Elon was setting a lower threshold for range on the GenIII. I don't think he would object if it got more.

Would love to sign petition since I am an owner of a P85, however not willing to give my info to the Obummer. Of course they probably have anyway (NSA)

The NSA programs

... Sorry, I was going to respond, thought better of it, but hit submit.

Glad they got 100,000! Yes the Death Star also got 100,000, but that was an awesome idea.

White house can't really do anything on this front. This is really a bully pulpit thing. Free publicity for a cause. So, we should save up those signatures and make another petition in 3 to 6 months to have him explain why nothing has been done. Then another again, and again. No point in taking it above the 100,000 point now.

The justice department can look at anti-trust implications, but pretty much the courts would have to weigh in. That would require an injured party. Maybe some lawyers could weigh in on that. I'm sure there are some on this forum.

I wouldn't count on "results" from this one action, but rather see it a beginning of the "consumer revolt".

Do not under estimate the dealers - they are in a bad position but definetly not caused by Tesla.
However Tesla has become the target for their failings. Figure 1 and 2 in the study below
show the dealers problem - up to 2000 new car profits and service profits were about balanced. Today the new car profits are gone... the dealers reacted by consolidating and jacking up the service cost. My sister-in-law just paid $500 for the first oil change on her new Honda Accord ( needs special oil ).
The current automotive industry with the dealer is clearly broken... not Teslas doing, but dealers are desperate and need a scapegoat. Don't under estimate someone who fights for survival, the gloves are off.

New thread. Cool. Old thread, cheers!!!

The fact of the matter is, we can't stop. All of you planned and vocalized your goals.

"Guests cannot have hot dogs and burgers until they signed the petition." I read that in another thread. Talk to your family. Give them a test drive before (before you've had any drinks, of course).

Zombie Friday? Is that what it's called? I swear being an investor in TSLA for the last year and a half is the best stock market training program I could ever imagine!

Back to the petition. I think at this point it's doubly important. Let's get a nice 50k buffer. Much like charging until you're 50 miles over your range buffer zone. We have nothing but time for the next four days.

Easy as pie. American Pie. Happy 4th!!!!!!

If direct Tesla sales are interstate commerce, then is that regulated by on the federal level?

If you buy the car in a store, then it is not IC. But Tesla does not sell cars in the stores. They will assist you in buying from the web site. That's IC. Except if you live in California, of course. It is like Texas saying that you can't order from Amazon because it's unfair to the Barnes and Noble stores.

If anyone knows of specific state politicians that are sympathetic to NADA and need to be informed about our petition, please consider posting their information at this thread:

I would love to have a list of politicians (and maybe journalists) that need to be hearing from a bunch of us to make the point loud and clear :)

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