Is 3phase charging possible / better ?

We have a 3 Phase 208v (20kw) plug in our barn. Is used for a plasma cutter and welder usually. Am wondering if I can charge off that plug and if doing so will be faster then the standard NEMA 14-50 we have in our garage.

It would stand to reason that 3phase should push more amps to the battery but not sure if this is actually the case. The superchargers surely are using 3 phase power (but its DC and skipping the in car charger).

Thoughts ?


Not possible in North America. You could try and get a Euro-spec MS, but then no US chargers and Superchargers will work. Europe MS have a 3-phase charger electronics built in, which is different than the US. It also has a completely different charging connector (much larger) so that you loose the cool color ring LEDs.

Superchargers do take in 3-phase power, but it outputs DC to the car, so no luck there unless you can buy a Supercharger for your barn (could be very expensive).

As best I can tell, the Model S is only designed to accept 2 phase 50 or 30 amp service. I was thinking you could use the HPWC but that is only designed for 2 phase 240 volt service as well.

I would imagine that Tesla figured that so few people have three phase power available that it wasn't worth designing the charger to accept it.

It seems the "cool color ring LEDs" had to be relocated in order to accommodate the larger Euro-spec plug. The charge indicator is now the 3 vertical dots on the taillight surface just to the right of the plug.

@jkilberg - do you have dual chargers in your car?

I do have dual chargers.

In the US, the only options for more than 10kW charging are getting an HPWC or a high powered J1772 charger. The portable Universal Mobile Charger can only accept 40a max. (10kW). The HPWC is cheaper, and can often be bought from these forums from people that have one, but don't use it, don't want it. You have to wire it up to a suitable breaker box with a 100amp breaker.

Also, meant to add that an electrician can wire up an HPWC to your 3 phase power in your barn.

@shop, where did you see that the HPWC can be wired to 3 phase power. The specs specifically say 240 volt. Did I miss something?

The HPWC installation manual specifically rules out 3-phase:

"The High Power Wall Connector is a single-phase device. Do not connect all 3 phases of a 3-phase feed."

The manual mentions European certifications so I'm pretty sure there isn't a special Euro HPWC.

Page 5 of this manual shows how to connect to three phase power. I didn't mean to imply that all three phases would be used, only that you could hook it up to a three phase panel.

If anybody has one that they'd like to sell, please let me know.

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