8 Day Delay after scheduled delivery?

I order my Tesla S about a month ago. I had an appointment for tomorrow (8/20) at 10AM to pickup my Tesla S performance version. On Friday I received an email saying that due to complexities introduced with the production of the European models, they have hit delays and my car delivery was pushed back 8 days to (8/28). This is not the way to win over new customers paying a premium. So my first taste is not a sweet one. I just hope that means they are making good progress with the EU version so they can broaden their market. Still seems like an 8 day delay announced 4 days before scheduled delivery could have been handled better and hopefully they'll throw in some goodies to make me feel better.


Sorry to hear. My vehicle was actually scheduled for 8/31 delivery and I am picking it up today. Performance model.

@mumanoff Way-to pour salt into the wound, buddy!

12 day delay 2 weeks before my scheduled delivery date. 58 days from time order was placed (P85+) and I waived the two week waiting period. Yes, it is frustrating, as if my order was suddenly pushed to the back of the line once they ramped up for European delivery. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed they make the new date, but I don't have much confidence.

Wow, 8 whole days? How many fruit fly generations is that?

Don't you think you're over reacting just a little? And what kind of 'goodies'? I'm thinking 8 days might be worth about a key chain.

@mrspaghetti Big LOL

I've always believed in under committing and over delivering. When people are coordinating financing, sale of another vehicle, and placing insurance, an arbitrary delay of 8 days or 12 days or anything I between is frustrating. When I ordered my vehicle I was told that I could waive the two week waiting period, and because it was a "P" model, I could expect the vehicle earlier than The 2 month estimate. I am right at 58 days. I call that over committing and under delivering.

But hey, anticipation is 2/3rds of the fun.

Well the famous range anxiety is now replaced by the not-so-famous waiting anxiety.

You shoulda bought a demo/loaner, and had it in a week or so. D'ya think TM doesn't want to get cars delivered ASAP? They're dancing as fast as they can.

Once again, some buyers waited years.

Dancing is one thing - giving buyers a delivery date and then moving it because someone else's date is moved up is quite another.

This is one of the side effects of dealing directly with the manufacturer. You get impacted by production anomalies and delays.

Consider the alternative of putting a middle man (dealer) in between to buffer you (via inventory) from these issues....

Same Problem I was suppose to pick up today also at 3 but was pushed out till the 27th.

These cars are custom built. If your vehicle fails one of the final tests and they are able to schedule you for another car in 8 days, I would call that service.

I am waiting for my Model S which has been delayed by five days. It was supposed to leave Fremont last Thursday, but instead it rolled off the line yesterday and is bound for Phoenix today.

A couple of the OP's statements jumped out at me:

"This is not the way to win over new customers paying a premium."

We are all paying a premium and we are all in line to have our cars built. When there is a delay downstream, it delays every upstream vehicle - including mine. However, I'm a bit more understanding when it comes to something like this. I feel I will have the right to complain when I start my own auto company, but until then I'm happy to roll with the punches and show some flexibility. Being rigid and inflexible makes for bad juju. You can choose to enjoy the process or be bothered by it, the choice is yours to make.

"Still seems like an 8 day delay announced 4 days before scheduled delivery could have been handled better and hopefully they'll throw in some goodies to make me feel better."

They informed you four days in advance of your delivery date, how much better should they have handled it? As for your need for goodies to make you feel better, I think that statement pretty much speaks for itself...

@gregsl I was an earlier adopter and waited a year to get my car, as all of us did at that time. When the big day came they delivered the wrong car, so it went back on the truck. A week later the correct car was supposed to arrive but the truck broke down and it took about another week and multiple missed ETAs before it arrived. Did I have a bad taste in my mouth about the Tesla experience - you bet. But my point is this - I've had the car for 8 months now and it has been nothing short of awesome. In addition, my experience with our service has been excellent. I'm now completely over my bad delivery experience and am 100% a lover of all things Tesla. I bet you'll get to this point as well.

I custome ordered a BMW 3 years ago, built in Germany, crossed the North Sea and the Atlantic, and was delivered as promissed.

@hnashif - these are production line cars, not the "cutom" built roadster.

My original point stands, under commit and over deliver, not the other way around if you're trying to build brand loyalty. And for those who claimed they waited year(s) for the car, you knew that going in, I waited and suffered a price increase, but when I decided to place my order, got a wink that it would be in way before the 2 month scheduled window.

Once the car arrives, I'm sure all will be forgotten, but I don't think we should be so critical of those who have suffered in this proccess.

L8MDL | August 20, 2013 new
Dancing is one thing - giving buyers a delivery date and then moving it because someone else's date is moved up is quite another.

Say what? Delayed because someone else's date was moved up? A paranoid and vile accusation.

Actually, they are all custom cars, built to spec.


Just got a call with my 3rd delivery date (in response to e-mail inquiry). Pushed out another 4 days and its a very fuzzy date at best (Labor Day), car is still in production. DS appears to be doing all he can do but now pushing out 62 days from order (with waiver of 2 week hold). I have read of people getting cars in 5 weeks, and with new pricing, 30 day delivery on the P85 - not feeling the love. Plus, shipping the car across the country, any number of delays possible. Now it looks like 9 weeks delivery time will be the best case scenario.

Is this common?

My order was finalized on 6/28 and is arriving at the local service center this afternoon on 8/22. I am supposed to have the car on Saturday, so let's add two more days. So we are looking at 57 days from order confirmation (after the two week waiting period). And this is after approximately a one week delay from the original delivery date of 8/15.

With this much anticipation, it sucks when there's a delay.

But the Europe startup issue is a one-time thing, and after touring the factory, it's staggering how many details they had to chase down to comply with EU regs.

Their bandwidth has been saturated with those demands, but that will ease up soon.

Hope you love your car when it arrives. Ours is awesome, and the second one should arrive in a few weeks.

Appreciate the feed back. @ Amped, good luck with delivery hope it all goes smoothly.

Brian - from the op's post and others, it seems that US orders are being delayed and rescheduled after buyers are given a delivery date for the sake of shipping out EU orders. I'd say that is delaying one order to let someone else be bumped up. From my perspective as a casual observer, not an owner yet, a delivery date should be kept barring a catastrophic factory failure, in which case ALL deliveries are changed.

DS confirmed orders are backing up because of EU retooling. Doesn't seem right to me.

@Amped and Iron, it looks like the folks who finalized in early July either got their cars in 30 days or got scheduled after the EU Signature build, so it's more like 60 days. I expect the delivery schedule will return to normal in the near future.

Frustrating but these types of things can be expected with this type of model. I do agree in the philosophy of under promising and over delivering however.

My original date was 8/28 and now they say probably 8/31 and I hope it doesn't change. I've never been this excited to get a car before... Which speaks volume about Tesla and the car.

Managing customer expectations is the first step in ensuring customer satisfaction. And I'm a big believer in "under promise and over deliver".

Since there will always be some unpredictable variability in production rates, Tesla has a few choices;

- Pad the deliver estimates by two weeks and hold the cars in a lot somewhere near the end customer. This helps meet delivery commitments but delays delivery to most customer, and add inventory and storage costs.

- Pad the dates, but then notify most customers that their cars are magically ready two weeks early, causing most customers to rush to finish last minute arrangements for charging and financing

- Give realistic delivery estimates and then give customers notice of small adjustments PLUS and MINUS the target dates.

It seems to me that Tesla is using the third approach and that's the one I'd personally prefer.

Having been a graphic designer most of my professional career, under promising and over delivering have always served me well and made me a hero to my clients... Scotty always padded his estimates with Captain Kirk. I live my life according to the Scotty rule of setting expectations. I've left a trail of happy campers behind me... :)

Folks, TM has switched the product mix from 100% US delivery prior to July and up to 75% EU / 25% US delivery post July.

Owners during 1Q this year also had to wait between 2-3 months for their delivery during to as the efficiency scaled.

I had my MS60 delivered cross country in the middle of June 5 weeks after finalizing my order (waived 2 weeks).

TM is estimating a 3 months wait for any new orders for the US.

So if you're in the 75%/25% mix then a 2 months delivery window is right on schedule.

Well for me this is all about customer expectation management and I think Tesla has ways to go on this. My personal experience - I was told when I was ready to place the order that my Model S will be ready end of August (ordered mid July - P85+)

When I placed the order, they emailed me Aug 17th as the date. One week later they pushed it out to 27th and I got a call yesterday pushing the date to 30th Aug. Hopefully that date sticks!

I was fully prepared to receive the car end of August when I placed the order but by changing the dates and promising earlier dates they just messed with my expectations!

Still, I can't wait to get my Model S

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