Anyone got a Silver Model S?

Can anyone post some silver Model S photos? trying to decide between white and silver. thanks.

I have a silver Model S. I think the white looks better.

I had a hard time deciding between the two, also. I went with silver. It's not here yet, but I was ready to place my order with white when I saw a white one next to a silver at the Santana Row parking garage. To me, the silver looked better. I then got my son and husband to check, and they agreed. So, that's how I changed my mind. Check out my pinterest Tesla board:

I have silver and I think it's gorgeous - it almost glows. Of the two colors, silver is more elegant and white is more sporty. White seems to be more common/popular. But get whatever you like - you can't go wrong with any of the Model S colors; I've seen them all in person and they all look great. In terms of practicality silver hides dirt better than white, if that matters to you.

That's exactly how I saw it, too. White is sportier and silver more elegant. I also think the white stands out more. I'm more of a low-key person - as much as one can be with a Model S - so I also felt silver was more subtle, yet also very beautiful and sleek.

I have a silver Model S and I can go longer between car washes than if it were white :-). But then, my last three cars were silver too ... for the same reason.


I have the silver with the silver roof, and it's just gorgeous. Simple,'s not a color that will turn all heads, but it is definitely the least objectionable color!

I stopped buying anything but silver cars years ago. Not only is silver a very sophisticated colour but it looks the least dirty if you don't wash your car every day. Silver cars rarely look dirty. White cars might look more sporty but after the first rainfall they look scruffy and dirty. This humble opinion is based on my own experience. I don't like washing myu car all the time so the only choice is silver for me.

No pictures to post but I saw a silver one the other day with the dark gray wheels and it was stunning! I think I liked it better than the white ones I've seen.

Congrats on your S! Enjoy!


Ah-ha! Mystery solved. Silver car owners are the laziest! >;)

Per your request

scroll to second car.

The silver is elegant and understated. The other color that really is great in person is green. Photos do not do it justice. The grey will also stay clean and hide dirt.



YMMV, but I can't stand the white at all (not to mention how it shows dirt/pollen more easily). In particular, I like how the chrome gives a two-tone effect with the silver. Here are pictures of mine:

I like the silver very much, would post images here but dont know how.


@RonaldA - you have to host the images somewhere else (there are many free options), and either post a link to them here or put an image tag in your comment.

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