Anyone Tried this? Fastrak transponder on the pano-sun roof?

it's a well worn topic that the California Fastrak transponders won't work through the Tesla windshield and there are various workarounds…

has anyone tried "attaching" it to the underside of the glass-panoramic sun roof? I wondering if the sunroof being glass would let the transponder work?

Considering the heavy filtering the pano has, I'd think it would be even less "transmissive" than the windshield. But I suppose it depends on the specifics of the shielding used.

It doesn't work. If you look at your rear view mirror mount, there's more to the mount on the driver's side than the passenger side, attach it there. It works great there. You have to move one of the Velcro strips to the middle of the transponder to anchor it correctly, but since I moved it there it registers every time.

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