Beta Test of new ION Propulsion unit on my Tesla (Video)

I posted this test on you tube to show how much fun I have with my new Tesla.
Enjoy !

Pretty cool.....

hilarious! I wonder if your local law enforcement will be quite so amused :)

P.S. be careful using the Ion drive on wet pavement!

Love it.

sorry if this is a dumb question... What exactly is that?

+1 with Reilly......what is that?? And what purpose does it serve?? I don't get it?

My question is why would you add that distracting 'device' to a stunning, sexy, head-turning car like Model S?

To each his own......

That looks very cool. Me, I try to fly under the radar, so I won't be adding that, but I do like it.

Yea what is that and how do I get one?

To space and beyond!


It seems that when you floor the accelerator, the simulated jet stream just ejects out.

Instead of a brake light, now you got an accelerator light to warn that your car is leaving all those ICE behind right now :)

Great invention indeed!

Star Wars fans need no explanation , this is the result of Photon emission from the ION drive of the Millennium Falcon. This was made possible by LED lamps installed by the same company that do the emergency vehicles. The state laws concerning what is permissible were reviewed to determine if they are legal. Some local enforcement may have their own rules, so they are not always enabled.

They are a real blast !


Neat. :-)

Would like video more if it would have been recorded sideways haha :)

The only problem I see is that the stations to refuel the DI-lithium crystals are few and far between(most are in CA:)). Plus it takes four hours to refill.

These are not the di-lithium crystals you're looking for.

I didn't know when you went from impulse power to warp drive it left a visible trail.

LMB Your reference to the Jedi mind trick may be needed if I run into Jabba the Cop.


What do you expect to find 'beyond space'?

Is the trailing fog produced with dry ice? That would be ironic ...

I am both fascinated and horrified at the same time. :-0

Brian H:
No special effects, just optical illusion.
No radiation or toxic byproducts were produced.


Thats cool! Where can I get one? How did you tie in the accelerator?

Was there any injured animals producing this video?

Doubt it. Injured animals are lousy producers.

There are no power or interface connections to the car, it is a completely stand-a-lone operation using a battery pack and inertia switch. This prevents any chance of warranty problems


I don't know which "mod" made me laugh louder - this, or the USB powered hamster wheel in the frunk - but: frikking' brilliant!!!!

Is SPACE X involved?
Inquiring minds at NASA want to know

bbryant: maybe we could get a Grasshopper mod? :)

tobi_ger; And we could get George ( Jetson ) to be the test pilot.


@ Brian H

Beyond space? I don't know - but I am certain than my friend Buzz Lightyear will show me!

Ok, so I'm dying to know. Does it really look like the video in real life? Or is that just an effect of the bright lights over saturating the cameras CMOS sensor?

I know taking pictures of headlights will do a similar thing. They tend to look solid white but in real life you can see the point sources and variations in the light.

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