Center console

Anybody but me disappointed in the cost of the after market center console? At this price, I will certainly give myself time to appreciate the original design. Just got my car yesterday. :)

I would like to know if Tesla is developing something similar and when it will be offered at what price.

I agree that the CCI price is too high.

I'm looking at after market sites in case Tesla doesn't offer a reasonably priced alternative.

$900 for another cup holder and a place to put your phone ?? don't we have that already ?? what a waste.

“A waste -” Seriously! You have no concept of the time, effort, expense (investment), and talent that went into designing the CCI. Instead of whining about the open space, lack of storage, poor cup holders, etc. Soflauthor (TA) designed, tested and brought to market a viable product. Sure, we all would like it to sell for less, but it is a low volume, high cost , made to order, accessory and TA has many thousands of dollars invested.

I am surprised TM doesn’t make a deal to market the CCI - for a higher price. I doubt TM could design a better console, introduce it in a timely manner, and market it for less. If TM were involved, the costs would drop due to increased sales volume, a predictable production schedule, and improved purchasing discounts. All in all, kudos to TA, they did a great job with probably no help from TM and the price is more than fair. I sincerely doubt TM will make a center console, and if they did, do you think they would charge less? My guess is TM would use their favorite accessory price point -$1,500.

P.S. I am in no way affiliated with TM or TA. I am an “S” owner and my name is on the TA list as a potential CCI customer.

@prints i understand it's $1100-but each to his own-i'm passing on it too as we like the more open and uncluttered look of the interior; would rather spend the $ on parking sensors

Say what you like about the time, effort, etc. required for the CCI, the simple fact is that the cost / value equation doesn't balance. This solution simply isn't worth that kind of money -- there are other, less costly, equally satisfactory options.

+1 Petero. Well said. I too would have liked to see the price of the CCI be more affordable, but please don't take it out on them. They responded to the collective market discontent and gave an honest attempt at trying to respond. Sure they knew they were taking a huge risk but we all should be showing our appreciation even if the price point is not what we hoped. My only hope is that they don't take a bath for believing in this market.

Love what CCI has done, but can't see spending that kind of money to hold a few things! Of course, price may come down - initial costs for them were high, and they don't have competition can drop price easier than raising it. Not as sleek as theirs, but here is my poor man's version:

I agree the price is high for the functionality, but what you are paying for is more than just that functionality but rather the integration into the car so it looks like part of it. I have certainly made my own things in the past that did the job, but nobody would ever mistake them for factory-original.

If all you want is something to hold stuff, I am sure you can get a few pieces from the Container Store and accomplish what you want for $50 or so.

Personally, I haven't decided if I am willing to pay that much for it yet, but I am considering it.

My wife and I build board games in our spare time, and they are certainly expensive compared to what you can buy at a retail game store, but such is the nature of small-volume production of a hand-crafted product.

@nnt - You don't build wealth by spending money frivolously, so I can see why people might balk at spending more than they think something is worth whether they can afford it or not.

It's not about the price it's about the (perceived) value. I followed the development of this center console here and on TMC - understanding how much time and engineering went into his thing, I am not surprised about the price.

Having said that, I personally don't see the value in it - BUT that's a very individual choice. I can see why others would be happy to integrate this solution into their Model S.

Ohms. You may have misunderstood me. I am a big fan and greatly appreciate what TA has accomplished. If TM were to offer a center console I have no doubt it would be $1,500 and not much different. I think the price TA has offered is fair considering the quality, the limited market, and being made to order. Good job TA.

jat@jaet. +1. Well said.

more discussion here (not crossposting my comments, so left them over on this thread):

Don't get me wrong, I wish TA all the best and I am on the list as well. That being said, I was still disappointed in the price. I understand the economics of product development and if that's what TA has to charge to make it worthwhile then so be it. I sincerely hope it proves worth the effort for them!

For me, a price point half that would have been an impulse buy. I would have paid $450 or so merely to find out if I wanted a console. The price they are asking must give me pause. And that, for me, is a bummer since the lack of storage is such a foreign concept.

Who knows, it may be something of an acquired taste. ;)

@Petero - I was attempting to reinforce and add to your point. I too am impressed with what TA has accomplished in such short order Sorry if it came off otherwise.

I simply do not like the design of the aftermarket center console. Just my personal pref. No idea if others will like it.

Hey folks... someone that has their car, can you measure and report here the dimensions of the open console? length, height of sides, width at front of dash and width at the other end, please?


5.25 in at the back
8 in at the front
23 in long
sides are 2.5 in high
At the front beyond 23 in it curves upwards for a bit of extra length.
The sides are pretty level, though at around 20 in from the back they curve upwards.
The back with the USB and 12V ports is angled backwards slightly.

They are many many folks that call Model S "unreasonably priced", "not enough value for the money".... They cannot understand why would you buy one. Just like the CCI.

It is a free market. There is a product with a certain value at a certain price. You can buy it, or not. Why complain?

Anyway, I think Soflaauthor did an excellent job, very enthusiastic, listened and took a lot of feedback from the forum, tackled a problem and offered a quality solution.

+1 @Tiebreaker

Matching materials imposed higher costs, too. Made to look as close to "original equipment" as possible.

People vote with their $. For those of you who feel the CCI is a good value, please let us know if you followed-thru with a purchase. It would be nice to see how many of us are actually buying these. And then follow with pics of your installed product and opinion as to the quality.

For those of you that don't have a Michaels store nearby and can't find the "mini-tote" that some of us have taked about, I came across a similar sized bag in Fry's the other day and found it on Amazon for $10-$13.

The even do it in pink and yellow:

Chop off the handles and you are good to go.

Thanks nick. I ordered two, one for the console and one for the rear package area footwell to hold the adapters and a couple tools. Much more reasonable than the custom "solution."

The CCI product looks great but for me, the price is too high in terms of value.

This is my dream console with some adjustments I would make for cups and other personal belongings.

To be honest, after taking delivery, I am starting to appreciate the open center console. Not only my wife can put her big baby bag, sun glasses case, and kids snacks for the road there (yes, the Model S has officially replaced our CR-V), it made transporting take out food a snap.

Today I picked up food for lunch, was able to fit all the food in this space, plus drinks on a carry out tray. The BEST part is, I don't have to worry about the food tipping over any more, even the drinks stayed in place. In my old car, either I put the stuff on the passenger seat, or in the foot well, and try to hold on to them with my right had while taking a turn !!

This console space is so versatile, no custom device can replace your own imagination!

where is the Tesla supplied CC displayed?
Can t find a picture?

Doesn't exist yet, does it? AFAIK. The CCI referred to here is an owner's aftermarket product, the "CCI", at . Lots of pix. Made by South Florida Author, aka soflauthor.

I bought a dopp kit from Maxpedition in black. It zips down the middle. Attached velcro to the bottom. It does the trick, though I have to admit, I don't have a whole lot to put in the darn thing...

Had the opportunity to visit the CCI factory in south Florida yesterday and was very impressed with the operation. I held the product and saw it installed in the MS. The fit and finish was excellent, with high quality materials used throughout. The stitching was straight and the stitching on the side panels emulated that of the door panels. Definitely worth considering if you want your car to be both functional and have that "finished" look.

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