Charging Near Centennial Park

Will be traveling to Atlanta from Chattanooga at the end of February. Staying at the Embassy Suites at centennial park. anyone know of any charging stations close by. unfortunately the hotel doesnt offer EV charging. not finding any hotel in that area that does. Any help is appreciated.

Atlantic Station has free chargers. It isn't particularly close to Centennial Park, but there is shopping, food, and movies nearby.

There are some other charging spots downtown as well:

If you are in a pinch, you can charge at my house (I should have the HPWC by then, or a 14-50 plug if not) -- but I am in Smyrna 30082.

@jat thanks so much for info and the offer. its too bad downtown atlanta has not embraced the EV need as of yet. chattanooga has several on both sides of the river. i followed your pix about a week ago. happy for you but of course jealous. my deliver window is Jan 27th thru Feb 10th. I cant wait!!

There is also a free shuttle from Atlantic Station to MARTA, so you could drive up to Atlantic Station, take the shuttle and MARTA back downtown or to other tourist spots, then take MARTA/Shuttle back to your car.

I believe the parking garage attached to the Hilton Garden Inn downtown (maybe a block from Embassy Suites) has a Blink charging station on one level. states there is a charging station in the Hilton garden suites hotel parking deck. but do you have to stay at that hotel to access it? i guess i will call the hotel to find out. thank you both for your advice

@rmbod - I've parked in that deck before (in our ICE vehicle) and didn't notice what level they are on, but the deck is a public deck I believe. We parked there for an event not at the Hilton Garden Inn and I think it is used for general public parking in addition to the hotel. Hope that helps.

@rmbod - I'm very interested in hearing about your trip to Atl. My model S arrives in about 3 weeks (Signal Mtn).


will do. My car arrived in chicago tonight for inspection and waiting for payment to be taking care of. I am hopeful to have it this saturday. It sounds crazy but i feel like Im waiting for a lottery payoff. Just cant wait. You now make the third owner in nooga that i am aware of. Im in lookout valley and the other is in E. Brainerd. funny how we have the city surrounded.

The two chargers at the Georgia Power building are open to the public. They are closer to Centennial Olympic Park than the Hilton Garden Inn.

@bfischer, send me an email with the specs of your model s. would love to see it when it comes in.

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