This is disgusting!

Just read this.!/entry/tesla-motors-inc-tsla-drivers-face-auto-discrimination,51c4a277da27f5d9d0e5a0d9

Can't we smart Tesla owners figure out a way to get 100,00 names on a petition? If we can't, nobody can! Don't let them do this!

Oh, there's the link.

You can delete your other thread.

NY has gone one step further than other states in that it is trying to ban the ability of a legitimate owner to register his vehicle if it was not purchased from a third party. This smacks of unfair restriction of interstate commerce and would clearly be struck down by the Supreme Court. I'm not a constitutional attorney or scholar, but this is a clear and blatant attempt at restricting free trade.

I'd love to see that law, if passed, challenged in court. How can anyone legislate that you cannot register a vehicle if it is not purchased from a third party? That's forcing you to use a middle man, forcing you to pay a higher price, and is an unfair restriction on trade. It would never hold water.

America - the land of the free!?! As a foreigner observing this protectionistic communist-smelling drama - I can hardly believe what I am witnessing. The judicial system and the politicians are way more greased up in oil than I was aware of. I can't sign the petition - but come on guys - and stop this systematic madness. These lawmakers are representing everything what America is not about - restricting freedom!

the strange way of dealing in the state.

I'm a canadian but live very close from de states. I can ear every where from your President, BUY AMERICAN BUY AMERICAN help us moving out of the crises.

Now you have a pretty exclusif product who s is TESLA. Tesla is 100% american, and wha t s happening instead of helping the compagny to expand, states vote laws again the free enterprise.

Tesla is the best car and every body know it, but if the governement act like this people will buy german car BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES or japaness car.

Dealer are so afraid of TESLA they do everything they can to stop TESLA.

I'm not american but I'm proud of your product and enjoy driving my tesla P85, but I'm sad about the attitude of your governement.

Good luck

I signed... yet another petition that will never get anywhere near the needed signatures. Also shared it on FB. Hopefully someday one of these will make it.

I signed too...

Let's look at the brighter side:
The old establishment is frightened.
TESLA is here to stay!

I just signed it.

If you live in NY state, you should write to your governor's office.



We should exercise the power of social media & get the word out. Please post on all of your social networking sites.

As an Aussie looking at the US it appears to be that the USA is more about protecting corrupt practices that exploit the consumer than anything else. I thought it was bad here, but in the US it appears amazing.

Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 – 1860):

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

We are in stage two. Not that much farther to go.

I think the hurdle for most people is that you actually have to sign up for it.

Considering all the individual battles Tesla will have to fight in the next few years, I think we should encourage Tesla friends, family, stockholders, and owners should sign up to petition. I know there's been a couple of times that I didn't sign because I didn't want to sign up for the petition website.

Stupid I know, but I also know I can't be the only one who's felt this way.

So common, convince me to sign up and register at the site!!!

***"....and owners TO sign up..."

Similar to the quote attributed to Gandhi:

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win"

I just signed the petition. I'll work on my office staff and family.
Spread the word on the blogs and forums, but It would also be good to be able to forward a mass email to our contacts and explain the steps to create an account and sign it. It's a worthy cause!

Just signed it. I am really disgusted with the protectionist tendencies of our state legislators.

The only way things will change is if us early adopters rally. Otherwise all we do is wait for others to move forward. It's only us.

Just signed the petition, shared on fb and twitter feeds as well.

Someone from Tesla should give Cuomo a test drive like they did in NC. The governor loves driving nice cars.



Even in the socialist states of Europe you would never see this kind of crony capitalism.
It is disgusting!

signed today.
This thread is a good read when trying to get a handle on what Tesla is dealing with.

2302. Will promote as well.

SIgned it.
The sooner we never have to see a dealership the better .... as far as I am concerned they are leeches.

@GierT: don't know about Europe being any better: France is trying stop Amazon offering free delivery on books to prevent them beating up the small book sellers. Book sellers in France are by law banned from offering anything more than a 5% discount off list pricing. My guess is that a North Atlantic free trading zone will mean common restrictive practices, so maybe I'd better sign your US petition...


Good thread on TMC. Thanks for providing link.


The OP (carogan) keeps making the point that it's false that current dealers make most profit from service. But his direct experience ended years ago, and government stats show that the tide turned about 2007, and is strongly biased towards service (gouging) nowadays. As Elon has alluded to.


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