Don't sell your shares tomorrow!

Make the shorts pay for playing the game with Tesla. The price will go through the roof and they will have to pay!
It will be one to remember. Truly epic.

Hold strong!

@ portia,

- yes holding for the long haul, indefinite time period.

- as a word of caution, stock picking and trading are more difficult than investing. With the former, you have to make two correct decisions (one to buy and one to sell). When you couple that to trading one company for another, you have to make 4 right decisions (2 buys and 2 sells).

- I must leave timing the markets to those much smarter than myself. I will stick with steady as she goes investing in companies that I believe in.

- in short, sell google to buy tesla? not for me ... keep google and buy tesla.

+1 xradr & xander. I had so much fun watching the after hours stock price climb! Biggest Tesla grin I've had since picking up my car at the factory in January!!

If you put 50K into the stock two weeks ago and sold today you just bought your p85 at half price. Nice....

@ Robert,

2 weeks ago itwas @ $50 and at closure today it was $55, not sure where you get your numbers

If say tomorrow it remains at $70, you would have made a profit of $20k if you bought 50k worth of stock at $50/share

not sure where the half price comes in, i'm a noob too with the market so correct me if im wrong please

@ robert & killmats,

Killmats, agree. Numbers are slightly off.

- 2 weeks ago, price was about $50 a shares. 1000 shares sold today in aftermarket at top price ~ $71 / share would have netted you approximately $21K (pretax).

- short term capital gains, on a real basis would result in tax rate at ordinary income. This would be a rate at 10% - 35%.

- I would assume the average person in the 10-25% rates are not buying this car (but I could be wrong). Let's assume 25% short term capital gains tax. On a net basis you'd be at 15.75K profit.

- So on a real basis you'd have about 20% off of a new P85 (or less).

- but point taken, investing in the company is/was a good investment.

GO TESLA!!!!!!

one slight mistake above, 2013 upper tax rate is 39.6% for highest bracket for short term capital gains (considered taxable at ordinary income).

^ Unless the money gained is in a TFSA (Tax Free Saving Account but Canadian only i guess) which means no tax at all !!! right ?


Oops, wrong chart. The last chance you would have had to pick it up at 35.25 was March 19th. My apologies.

I realise that many people here are TSLA shareholders, but really this sort of post is out of place here.

In Australia this sort of post on any public forum would be looked upon as bordering on financial advice and even on sharetrading forums would be seen as ramping and probably disallowed.

Personally I don't care about the shareprice of any company. It's all rigged at the moment anyhow and anyone celebrating a 15,000 DOW etc is delusional. The economy has not changed since 2008.

There is MORE not less debt in the world now compared to then. Nothing has improved. Nothing can improve in this corrupt usurious system.

Think on this.... will the US $16 TRILLION debt EVER be paid? When?

If the answer is no, and it is... then you know that it's all going to collapse like a house of cards and more suddenly than what you will believe. It's not if, it's when.

Went in @34.90 and holding on tight to my precious.

And not to forget at the same time when buying Tesla, stepped in another one of Musk's adventures: SolarCity. Bought @15, they're now @24. Perhaps not as sexy as Tesla right now, but still good money.

Evoc - I am in Australia too and I agree with the thrust of your argument. BUT have you ever seen price movements like on the US market? The key is to not be too greedy and get out with a handsome profit. I too am a shareholder in TSLA. Should I get to the point of paying for my car on profits, I will sell then.

Well, the CU road test has been published on their web site. Good news and bad. The score at 99 is sensational. Here is the frustration with the report.

"...we can't recommend the Model S until we have sufficient reliability data."

It will be interesting how the news media covers this.

@ Evoc.

Spot on! However as long as Helicopter-Ben keeps on dumping billions there is liquidity and institutional investors (the banksters!) have to put that money to work. Drives the stock prices up as we have seen proof of lately as there is no economic growth to justify. The market is not allowed to work, the bubble is building and the density of the soufflé is getting less and less and bound to burst, sooner or later. That said, TM has proven to be a solid company with a great product with more to come, and is making money by its own merit. As far I am concerned I believe they have a bright future in the automotive sector. That is why I believe that TM will be repeat of Apple, and I stay loooong on my shares.

Listen, if you own this stock at anywhere between $20 and $50 and the stock is at $69, put in a stop-loss sell order at $62 and if the stock plummets, your gains are protected, somewhat. If the stock goes to $75, raise the stop price to $68 and so on. This is a much better plan than announcing you are going to sell at a specific price and get back in when it falls. If it keeps rising, you are probably not going to buy it back and may miss a significant run-up. Also, psycologically, it is difficult to pay $90 for the same stock you previously paid $30 or $40 for.


Thus, for a fast growing stock like TSLA, the best strategy would be buy-and-hold. If we MS owners believe in the greatest car we have ever had and believe in Tesla team under Elon's great leadership, TSLA will be no doubt next Apple in our time. I will hold on my TSLA stock shares (which I bought between June 2012 and January 2013) until I see the realization of Elon's goal of $44B in valuation of TSLA. By the way, the incredible gain on paper from my TSLA stock shares has already paid off my MS. I am sure that many years ahead, the gain from my TSLA stock shares will buy me a number of MS or MS next versions! Go TM! .....My Model S is also paid for with the stock gain.....but you really should protect your downside. A tender issue where one piece of bad news, battery, legal, EV credit politics, etc, can send the price south. The stop-loss I put on my stock ownership is cheaper than the Geico I put on my vehicle...I have gauranteed my vehicle will be paid off, per se, you have not. If the stock dips to $30 or so, I will simply pick my re-entry point and buy back in. So much easier today with free stop-loss protection and $7 per trade commissions.


Thanks for your advise and will consider it. I think that unless something really bad happens, TSLA is hard to go down to $30 again and I certainly wish it not-:)

holding pretty good so far

New all-time high, $71.40.

after hours last night 72.99 printed and I expect will be taken out soon. So all time hi 72.99

$74.65! Up 33.8% in one day. Way to go TSLA!

sold at $74 sorry, doubt it will go that much higher

Day's Range: 63.69 - 74.65
Currently below $72. Disaster‼ ☺ ;)

I sold half at 74.75, a smidge higher than 100% profit. The rest is "forever".

Also, I hate the term "house money". It's my money. I treat the half that is profit just as seriously as I treated the original capital. I still think it goes higher, but I'd like to reduce my stress level for a bit.

More of us hold onto our long TSLA positions, harder it is for short sellers to buy back the stock - another 16% up today as of this morning. I would not be surprised if sizeable gains continue into next week, and I am not planning to sell as a sign of solidarity to the company and Elon who is trying to change the world for the better.

Ak +1


The money traded on TSLA doesnt affect Tesla at all, holding won't help them in any ways imo

I sold at 74, rebought at 76 and sold at 78 again, and rerebought at 76, waiting for Monday to see whats up ^^

Killmats, where did you get this notion ?

^ I think i still have a lot to learn, spoke too fast there, touche !

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