Easter Eggs??

One was posted today along with the indication that others were available on the forum if you volkerize for them.. I couldn't find any others besides the one posted (about the T screen and pressing the model # (60,85, P85, etc) until the little car drives off the screen.. FUN!)

Anyone know of others or have links to other secret features, Easter eggs, etc.

Sorry for regurgitating this if you already know the answers..

Crank the volume... its the loudest radio ever;-)

@CnJsSigP: "It's... one louder... isn't it?"

unclegeek - Thanks for posting. I did not know that was there.

Apparently it's the only one.

@jq, yup! LOL. The reference apparently came at Elons request...

Unclegeek, great post! Love the find. Didn't know that one.


Now you have me wondering if there is something wrong with my Premium Sound Studio system. I wondered about it before but I managed to convince myself that it was a software thing that would have a fix coming. I can play it at 11 and I still want more.

Sorry about the OT. Back to hunting for easter eggs.

If you hold or touch a number of times on the about screen somewhere it'll display a picture of the team from tesla.

I think tap on the version number or something..

@rdrcrmatt - That's what @unclegeek was referring to

Not really an Easter Egg, but if you hold your finger on the Tesla T at the top of the touch screen for a while, you'll get a box asking for some super secret code that would give you access to vehicle options/diagnostics, etc.

Someone had the code and did it on YouTube to show parking sensors were coming...


Tap the Tesla T to being up the software version screen, then press and hold on the lower-right corner where the battery size numbers are (40 on mine, 60, 85, P85 for others) for ~7 seconds and you will see the car zoom off to the left, followed by an image of the factory workers waving to you.

That's the original post on this thread.

Very cool.....Thanks

As soon as I saw this post, I went to my car to try it out. My 4 year old and I got a kick out of it.

Just tried it! Cool!

How does someone discover things like this?

I feel like I should be holding the door handles open for 7 seconds while standing on one leg
and then the frunk, trunk, and rear doors will open simultaneously!

@Xerogas - I can't seem to get this one to work. Is it possible that not all cars would have it? I have software version 4.5 or 4.6. Also, where precisely to you tap and hold?

You touch the Badge in the lower right corner for 7-10 seconds.

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