Enabling Navigation Avoidences?

Hello, how do I enable the nav to avoid freeways etc? The delivery person said it wasn't possible but that doesn't seem correct when even Waze app can do it easily ? Tx!

It is correct until it is improved with a firmware update--hopefully version 6. Waze is a purpose-driven app for navigating police and slow downs--no surprise that it's cutting edge.

I'm not aware of any car that has Waze built in (since very few have a 3G connection, that makes sense). Some navigation systems have options to avoid freeways, or avoid tollways. Currently Tesla's nav does not have these options, but we are hoping they will appear in a future release.

Since Waze is a fairly recent addition to Google, I'd expect it will be a year or two before they can support automakers with some kind of integration to their own maps and then more time for the automakers to implement their side of the navigation. It might be a while!

Bummer. Thank you.

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